Concert Review: The Black Widow Tour : In This Moment

Words by: Megan Morrell
Photography by: Megan C. Brooks


Tuesday evening at the TLA in Philadelphia started off with an up and coming local band Enstride. These are the nicest most humble group of guys you will ever meet. They came out to the audience after their set and spoke with as many people as they could as well invited the audience to come and hang out with them. Just a great group of guys with an amazing future ahead of them, check them out if you get the chance.

Up next was 3 Pill Morning. All wearing ties and dress shirts. Self described as anthemic rock, which seems to be is quite accurate. The band has a great stage presence. Jeff Stebbins very charismatic lead singer with a vast vocal range. They played an awesome set including “Skin”, “Loser” and “I want that for you”


Twelve foot Ninja followed 3 Pill Morning. This band came in a very close second to In This Moment as our favorite performance of the night. The band is extremely talented instrumentally and lead singer Nik “Kin” Etik’s vocals are absolutely amazing. They are described as metal fusion. They mix alternative metal with funk, reggae and so much more. Their stage antics are amusing and humorous. This Australian band is one of a kind and is sure to gain a cult following, if not more, on this North American tour. Set list including fan favorites “Mother sky” and “I’m coming for you”


Starset had a more elaborate stage setup. They looked straight out of a science fiction movie which made for a very entertaining show. They certainly have a theme that fits perfectly with the band name. The songs sound like something from “Halo” or an action packed science fiction soundtrack. Lead singer Dustin Bates, also the founder of Starset, has a great voice that fits very well with their particular genre, cinematic rock. Set list included “My Demons” and “Carnivore”.


In this Moment was awesome! Maria Brink is a presence on stage to be reckoned with. She is a powerful yet feminine female metal artist. Beautiful, smart and demands attention. The stage show was so entertaining the crowd begged for an encore. Its amazing how she handles herself in incredible high heels around the elaborate stage set. The majority of the songs they played were from their latest album, Black Widow, such as “Sex Metal Barbie”, “Sick like Me” and “Big Bad Wolf” They also included one of the In This Moment’s bigger hits “Whore” from their 2012 release Blood. Toward then end of the show Maria picked an audience member to come on stage to be “infected”. This means the chosen audience member gets to wear one of the spooky masks and dance in a cage on stage. Everyone in the crowd wanted the chance, one lucky fan named Gina was chosen to be “infected”, for the rest of us, there is always next time.

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