Opeth, In Flames And Red Fang Bring An Amazing Show To Philly!

Review and Photography by: Megan C. Brooks


(PCM) Two of Sweden’s premier metal acts, In Flames and Opeth are co-headlining a North American tour with Portland Oregon’s Red Fang opening. On December 17 they performed in Philadelphia a The Electric Factory. Having seen Red Fang headline a tour just last spring, it was a little surprising to see them open, there wasn’t even a local warm up band. They went on while most people were still getting frisked at the doors, which is a shame because they are an incredible band.


In Flames, one of Sweden’s most popular metal acts are touring in support of their eleventh studio album Siren Charms which was released in September. They put on an awesome, energetic performance, they played for over an hour, but it felt like just minutes went by. In Flames played fifteen songs, including about half the tracks on Siren Charms along with some fan favorites like “Trigger” and “Take This Life”. The crowd was really into the show, moshing, screaming and having a great time. Except a guy in the front row, which lead singer Anders Friden criticized shooting video with his phone and not participating in the show. We’ve all wanted to say it, thanks Anders!


Another one of Sweden’s finest, the progressive metal band from Stockholm, Opeth closed the show. They entered the stage to chants of “OPETH, OPETH, OPETH!” The band’s stage set is gorgeous, based on the cover art of their latest album Pale Communion, three painting like banners hang behind the band almost resembling stained glass windows. Their long, winding, dreamy songs seem to drift one into another. Opeth played only seven songs, but they are long enough songs that they actually played for about an hour. They started the set with two songs from Pale Communion, “Eternal Rains Will Come” and “Cusp of Eternity” then grooved right through five more songs “The Drapery Falls”, “The Moor”, “Windowpane”, “The Lotus Eater” and ending with “Deliverance”.


Overall the show was fantastic! Lineups like this are few and far between, if you get the chance to see any of these bands it’s a great show, but all three together was amazing!

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