Today Is National Maple Syrup Day! Grab Some Pancakes And Dig In!


(PCM) We are not really sure why National Maple Syrup Day happens to fall right smack in the middle of December or the origins as to why it exists in the first place, but somebody had to pay homage to ooey goodness that is warm maple syrup, so why not today!

The incredibly sweet and unique flavor of maple syrup was first discovered by the Native Americans who came up with a way to harvest and boil the sap of a maple tree into a thick syrup. The sap of the maple tree begins to flow in late winter, so that may be the reason the this day was chosen to celebrate this gooey treat.

If you are looking for few ways to celebrate National Maple Syrup Day you could start the day off by having a delicious breakfast of pancakes or waffles covered in warm real maple syrup. Maple Syrup can also be poured over vanilla ice cream for a dessert twist later in the day as well.

Also, we were very surprised to learn that the sap of the maple tree can also be used as a beverage. Leave some sap in the fridge and grab a cold sip whenever you are inclined. The sap can also be drank as it is being harvested from the tree.

It should also be noted that pancake syrup is not the same as real maple syrup. Unless the ingredients on the bottle list maple syrup, it is no longer contained in bottles of pancake syrup. Today would definitely be the day to splurge a little bit and get your hands on some of the real stuff .. trust us .. you will certainly be in for a treat.


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