Kanye Fans Ask “Who Is This Newcomer Paul McCartney?”


(PCM) On New Year’s Day rapper Kanye West released his recent collaboration with the legendary Paul McCartney on a track titled “Only One”. While it was certainly exciting to learn that the two artists had teamed up together on a track, it was utterly depressing to learn just how little Kanye’s fan base knows about musical history.

Just after the track dropped social media began to explode with commentary from Kanye fans who said things like “Who is Paul McCartney”, “Kanye has a great ear for talent. This Paul McCartney guy is going to be huge” and my personal favorite “I don’t know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career w/this new song”.

The commentary literally made me want to collectively backhand those individuals and go “Seriously! Do your homework. The man is a living legend … he is a freaking Beatle!!!” However upon further reflection I have come to the realization that I can not blame Kanye’s fans for not knowing someone they have never been exposed to or experienced.

I work in the music industry and am exposed to music from every possible genre imaginable and thanks to my mother, I grew up listening to and loving The Beatles. I ate up every bit of information I could find about them, however ask me the same questions about Kanye and I could probably only give you the very basics.

It saddens me that the upcoming generation of music fans will never experience some of the greats like McCartney and due to our incredibly fast-paced way of life many will never take the time to make an attempt to learn. If I want to know something about an artist old or new I will generally take the time to look them up to find out some answers. It is also probably a very bad idea to post your ignorance on social media as these Kanye fans are being skewered for their lack of knowledge in Music History 101. Word to the wise … Google can be your best friend in these types of situations to avoid looking like a complete and total moron.

Now, what people should really be talking about is the song itself. While it is a bit overdone on the auto-tune it is actually an incredibly heartwarming song that has Kanye focusing more on his softer side. It is beautifully written and definitely showcases his versatility as a musician. Check it out below:

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