The Fyre Music Festival Goes Up In Flames! Promoters Scramble To Fix Epic Disaster!

(PCM) The Fyre Music Festival was touted as being a luxury music festival that was taking place on an island in the Bahamas curated by rapper Ja Rule. The festival was heavily promoted on social media and ticket prices ranged from $4,000 to $12,000. The promoters promised fans luxury accommodations, food options and appearances by Bella Hadid and rockers Blink 182 on the Bahamian island that was rumored to have once been owned by Pablo Escobar. What festival goers got when the arrived was what literally looked like a war zone and many ended up becoming trapped on the island with very little food, water, or electricity. The entire festival experience turned into an epic disaster.

While we can’t help but giggle just a little bit at the plight of these “rich kids” who shelled out the big bucks to attend this ridiculous music festival, it still had to be quite an ordeal for all of them and a PR nightmare for the festival promoters, who are now claiming they will be issuing refunds to anyone who purchased a pass to the ill-fated Fyre Festival. Many festival attendees began posting about the nightmare via social media and it looks like total chaos!

When attempting to leave the island, people found themselves literally locked inside the airport while waiting for chartered flights that were not taking off. There was little to no air circulation inside the airport and no food or water given to the people inside.

We are hoping that the promoters behind Fyre Festival will not be allowed to get away with this situation, as we can already smell the lawsuits stemming just judging on the amount of social media backlash. Hope they learned their lesson! Just for reference, here is what the festival goers were promised:

Update: Ja Rule has released the following tweet in regards to the disastrous  Fyre Festival saying “It’s not my fault”

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