Cloud Eggs Are The Latest Food Trend And Are Surprisingly Easy To Make!

(PCM) Cloud Eggs, otherwise known as Eggs In A Cloud is the newest “it” food to take over our social media feeds, especially on Instagram, which can be a foodies paradise!

While the Cloud Eggs look like they would be fairly complicated to make, in reality they are really pretty simplistic. They are created by separating the egg yolk from the egg white and the egg white is then whipped, formed into a cloud shape and placed on parchment paper in the over to bake. It is then baked again for a few more minutes with the egg yolk sitting on top once it has hardened enough.

That’s really all there is to it! Home cooks claim that Cloud Eggs have been around for quite some time, however they are just now beginning to gain steam and pop up on several restaurant menus across the country. Once again the power of social media and the internet speaks volumes.

A few recipes claim that you can even add a dash or two of Parmesan cheese to the Egg Clouds to give them even more consistency, but it is not necessary to make them turn out delicious either way.  Because the egg whites are baked they can taste very similar to bread, but without the added calories. You are almost creating the illusion of a full breakfast sandwich. You can also add things such as bacon bits and other types of cheese or seasoning if you so desire, as the recipe is fully customizable to your own tastes! It’s fantastic and we can’t wait to give these Egg Clouds a try!


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