Colombian Woman Swallows $7,000 During Fight With Husband

(PCM) Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! A Colombian woman is said to have swallowed $7,000 U.S. dollars during a recent fight with her husband. The woman claims that she was attempting to hide the money from her husband so she decided to eat 57 rolls of $100 dollar bills. She revealed that she had saved the money over time to surprise her husband with a holiday getaway and obtained it by selling several household electrical items.

Obviously this caused the woman to have to go to the hospital and doctors had to then surgically remove the paper money from the woman’s stomach and intestines. She is lucky to have even survived. The hospital doctors claim that they got out all the money they could safely through the surgical procedure, however the rest of the money left in the woman’s system will have to pass naturally through her colon. Ouch!

A spokesperson for the hospital says fact the money rolls were not wrapped up or packaged suggest they were not swallowed for any form of illicit transport and were only swallowed by the woman as an “act of desperation”. Wonder if they gave her any of the money back once they got it extracted? Guess she could put some of that towards the hospital bill at this point!

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