Mystery Creature Washes Up On The Shores Of Indonesia

(PCM) Locals in Indonesia were shocked when the bloody and gooey carcass of some sort of mystery marine creature washed up on the shores of Seram Island. It is pretty terrifying to look at and not something one should view if you have a weak stomach.

Just how the mystery creature, which Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management team is saying could possible be the carcass of a humpback whale, came to wash up on the small island remains a mystery, as well as, it’s cause of death.

A team of marine biologists are working on testing samples and getting the mess cleaned up, however they believe the creature may have been brought to the area due to the warm current, as it is not an animal that is native to the region.

The creature is also baffling other marine biologists across the globe, as many are curious as to what type of animal the creature actually is and some feel it may be a very large species of dolphin rather than a humpback whale.

The Indonesian government is also assisting with clean-up efforts. Whatever the creature turns out to be, it is definitely a rare species and, to us, looks like something straight out of a sci-fi flick! Yuck!

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