Teen Knocks Em’ Dead With Unusual Prom Entrance

(PCM) Viral ‘promposal’ videos have become all the range these days with teens coming up with unique and clever ways to ask their crushes to be their dates for the prom. One New Jersey teen took things to an entirely new level by being delivered to her junior prom inside of coffin which was housed in a hearse. Talk about making an entrance! Megan Flaherty has been the talk of the town ever since, as she absolutely ‘knocked em” dead with that arrival.

Upon arrival to the prom, Flaherty casually exited her coffin with the help of her date and a close friend and then went about her way fully of smiles and enjoyed the rest of her evening. When asked why she chose to be deposited at the junior prom in a coffin and hearse, Flaherty simply said “I like being different”! You tell em’ sister! We think her entrance was actually pretty darn epic (and creative too)!

When speaking with NJ.com, Flaherty went on to reveal that she has plans in the future to go into the funeral business saying that she would like to eventually become a funeral director after college. “She gets that many people are uncomfortable with death and the things that come with it. “It’s a natural thing of life,” she said, and she’s become very comfortable with it as she has gotten interested in mortuary work.”

Flaherty is normally a very quiet student in school and she was certainly curious to see her classmates reactions to her epic prom entrance and she was not at all disappoint. Everyone was certainly shocked, but most surprised since Flaherty is not the type to normally draw this much attention to herself. Way to keep them guessing! We certainly wish Flaherty all the success with her future endeavors.

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