This Little Girl Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of!

(PCM) This is not a real little girl, we repeat this is not a real little girl!  But you sure as heck could have fooled us with the latest video posted by the Stan Winston School featuring master mask maker Landon Meier, who goes by the nickname Hyperflesh.

Meier filmed the video to showcase his latest (and arguably creepiest) mask creation which is a hyper realistic little girls face. Once Meier puts on the mask the result just can’t be unseen. It is both incredibly creepy and unnerving. It is amazing just how realistic these mask can look! Meier’s work went viral awhile back for his hyper realistic masks creations of both President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Meier is selling the masks for thousands of dollars and thank goodness for the hefty price tag because these masks are so realistic looking that they could easily be mistaken for the real thing and create all types of chaos! While the creepy little girl mask doesn’t pose any type of threat (other than us losing sleep) it is still greatly disturbing! Check out the video below:



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