Company Set To Begin Clinical Trials To Bring People Back From The Dead

(PCM) A Philadelphia- based firm called Bioquark are gearing up to begin their initial round of clinical testing in an attempt to bring people back from the dead. After many years of research the company revealed in late 2016 that they believe that brain death is not permanent and could perhaps be reversible.

The CEO of the company Ira Pastor has now revealed that the company will begin testing a newly developed stem cell method on patients who would legally be declared “brain-dead” by legal standards in an attempt to bring them back from the dead. These tests will be conducted in an unidentified country in Latin America within the next few months.

The law in many countries state that in order for someone to be declared legal dead, you have to experience a complete and irreversible loss of brain function, otherwise referred to as “brain-death”. Pastor claims that the Bioquark has created advances in technology that would allow a series of injections to in a sense “reboot” brain activity and they find it necessary to try it out on human subjects. There will be no animal testing prior to the human trials.

The Bioquark company had initially planned to conduct the human trials in India last year, however they were shut-down due to legalities with the Indian Council of Medical Research. The company plans to move forward with the exact same testing in Latin America which will roll out in three phases.

The first phase named ‘First In Human Neuro-Regeneration & Neuro-Reanimation’ the team will examine several individuals ages 15 to 65 who have been declared brain-dead from traumatic brain injuries and will use MRI scans to look for any possible signs that the brain damage could be reversed.

The company would harvest stem cells from the patients very own blood and inject it back into their bodies. They would then receive a dose of peptides injected directly into their spinal cord. Finally, they would receive a 15-day course of nerve stimulation involving lasers and median nerve stimulation to try and bring about the reversal of brain death while they were being monitors by MRI scanners.

It appears that the Bioquark trials are part of a larger overall project called ReAnima which Pastor is on the advisory board for, and according to their website  their goal is to explore the potential of cutting-edge biomedical technology for human neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation.

If this doesn’t sound like a science-fiction film come to life than we don’t what does, and what the researchers fail to tell us is whether or not the brain functionality of the individuals tested would return to normal or would be damaged in any type of way.

Definitely food for thought and see,you all thought “The Walking Dead” was fiction all this time! Truth is always stranger than fiction!

H/T The Daily Mail

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