Could You Work As A Nanny In A Supposedly Haunted House?

(PCM) A couple in Scotland who are in search of a nanny for their two young children ages five and seven are offering up an exorbitant salary for the position, however there is just one small catch! The house is allegedly haunted with some kind of poltergeist activity. In fact, the family has lost a whopping five nanny’s over the last year, who have all quit due to supernatural activity in the house. Don’t worry! None of them died as a result, but the house just freaked them out way too much.

The couple is offering to pay the brave new nanny $84,000 per year and currently have the position posted on a UK childcare job site. According to the posting the nanny would get to live in a “lovely, spacious, historic property with spectacular views” along with having her very own private bathroom and kitchen area. Her duties would include preparing breakfast, getting the children off to school and picking them back up, as well as, helping with homework and sending the children off to bed, and oh, yeah, dealing with some kind of supernatural entity that is allegedly residing in the home. You know, just the run of the mill nanny stuff!

The couple claims in the posting that they have lived in the house for nearly ten years and were told when they purchased the home that it was “haunted”. While the couple claims that they themselves haven’t experienced any supernatural phenomena, their five previous nanny’s quit saying they had experienced supernatural incidents in the home including furniture moving by itself, glasses breaking and odd noises.

The listing goes on to explain that the couple are incredibly busy professionals and work away from the home, sometimes for days at a time. During the time that the couple is away the nanny would have sole charge over running the household. Hmm.. being alone in a big house with only two children and a ghost, yeah, we will pass, but then again that paycheck does seem pretty good!

You can check out the full job posting here!


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