The All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter Teases Coming Soon New Songs, First New Album in Five Years

The All American Rejects haven’t released any new music within the last 5 years, The All American Reject last released an album in 2012 with Kids in the Street. Ritter teased about new music with two new singles coming out titled, “Sweat” & “Close Your Eyes.” Tyson Ritter commented on what they have been up to in the last 5 years, read his statement to Billboard below.


It’s been forever! Most people say they haven’t heard from us since 2009 or 2010, so to them it’s been seven years. It’s funny, I got in front of this microphone when I was 17, sent out to fly around the world, get courted by labels and we’ve gone on the road for 24 months for every record. We beat The Roots in 2010 for the most shows played; I think we did over 270. I got a doctorate in asphalt and rock and roll. The last five years, if you’re a fan — or seven, if you’re a fickle fan — has been us finally putting our feet into our own earth and going, “Oh, what’s life like without this thing we think is defining us?” 

I’ve gotten married, which is a really beautiful, private experience for me. I’ve been exploring acting in the last few years, that’s been such a free form of art to take the pressure off writing music. I booked this HBO thing, and we were up in Calgary in the woods and I had this acoustic guitar staring at me every day, but it wasn’t asking me to step up to it. It wasn’t telling me that I have to do this and music came to me. It was this beautiful, natural thing and I remember when I was 15 and 16 writing that first record, I did it on those sad Sundays, by myself, not thinking, “Oh, this is what the label wants.” I think a lot bands get caught up in the chatter and the big wheel that they get turning from themselves and they can lose that sense of purity. That’s the one thing I knew that I didn’t want to do. For those who think of us as just a pop rock band, that’s fine, we’re just a pop rock band that is doing what we do as purely as we do it. To find this new offering, it took walking away from it and experiencing a bit more life.  -Tyson Ritter

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Check out the trailer for “Sweat”!

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