Korn & Stone Sour Bring The Summer Of Serenity to BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ

Korn brought the “Serenity of Summer” tour to Camden, NJ’s BB&T Pavilion in support of their twelfth album The Serenity of Suffering. Adding to the chaos is Stone Sour in support of their latest and highly anticipated new album Hydrograd. Other support came from rock band Skillet, Rap Rocker Yelawolf, and fast rising band DED.

Launching the evening was Phoenix, Arizona band DED, who started out their set with their debut single “FMFY” which happens to be off of their first studio album, Mis.an.thrope (Released on July 21, 2017 via Suretone Records). Their set was a heavy mix of nu-metal and powerful screams, and their hit single “Anti-Everything” which has been flooding the radio airwaves worldwide was definitley an impactful song to the fans. Fans all seemed to be very intrigued by their sound and enjoyed their set a lot. Make sure you get out to the show early if you are attending the Serenity of Summer tour to catch DED cause they are a band to keep on your radar as they are rapidly growing, their next stop is headlining amphitheaters on their own. Next on the bill for the evening was Yelawolf, a different but awesome addition to the tour package with a very unique sound blending multiple genres from Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, and Soul. Yelawolf can not be put into one specific category but I would put him in the category of incredible, he has such a pleasant blend of genres that has something for everyone to love. His stage setup was very unique as well bursting onto the stage in a cloud of fog which also presented a ruby red car and his Emerick’s Ironworks custom chainlink mic stand. Performing a lot of songs off his second studio album which was produced by himself and Eminem, Love StoryHis set was very high energy, well received by the fans, and awesome production even though it was very minimal for his set.

Next was Nashville, Tennessee’s platinum-selling band Skillet, who is an incredible live band currently touring in support of their latest album Unleashed. Skillet has a very interactive and high energy set and they never fail to put on one of the greatest live shows you will see. John Cooper mentioning during their set before they performed “Sick Of It” saying “Everybody here has something that you are sick of, maybe it’s violence, hate, racism, abuse, depression, loneliness, I will tell you what I am sick of though. I am sick of all of our rock heroes dying to suicide, Whatever you are sick of put your hands up and saying raise your hands if your sick of it.” Skillet is a very energetic, fun band to see live from Korey Cooper shredding on guitar to Jen Ledger singer and pounding away at the drumkit to Seth Morrison shredding and John Cooper keeping fans entertained, they is always something to watch during a Skillet set. Their rock anthems themselves make for a great sing along throughout their entire set.

Stone Sour entered the stage to a roar from the crowd responded to the Hydrograd instrumental “YSIF” as guitarist Christian Martucci, bassist Johnny Chow, and guitarist Josh Rand head banged in sync together and just when Roy Mayorga began to pound on the drumkit, frontman Corey Taylor was greeted with a massive roar from the fans in attendance who have been waiting for Stone Sour’s return to the Camden/Philadelphia area for the first time since 2014. Not only is the band returning to the area but they are returning with brand new music! Their latest and very highly anticipated album Hydrograd debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard Top 200 and fans couldn’t have been more stoked to hear it live. Hydrograd debuted at No. 5 in the U.K. (which is their highest spot ever on a U.K. chart), No. 2 in Australia (which is also the highest charting spot for them ever in Australia). Frontman Corey Taylor who I would say is one of the best frontman of our generation with an incredible stage presence with both Slipknot and Stone Sour using every inch of the stage and interacting with the fans while singing. Taylor even showering the crowd with confetti multiple times throughout the evening with his confetti canon gun. Their setlist was a blend of their hits and new material from their latest album Hydrograd, they perform hits like “Through Glass,” “Absolute Zero,” and “Say You’ll Haunt Me” as well as singles from the new album like “Song #3” and “Fabuless.” During “Fabuless” they ended with wacky inflatable men joining them onstage to finish out their incredible hour long set, that was one to be remembered.

Korn launched their set with a mysterious countdown and creepy illuminated eyes looking from the background before exploding right into 2016’s “Rotting In Vain” which is actually the second track off of their new album The Serenity In Suffering. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis commanding the stage with vocals that have never sounded better grasping the attention of all in attendance. It wouldn’t be a Korn show without the ominous sounds of bagpipes from Jonathan Davis that can only mean “Shoots and Ladders” is about to command the crowds attention. Korn knows how to put on a show with heavy hitter Ray Luizer on drums, Brian Welch and James Shaffer shredding on guitars, the funky bass sounds from Reginald Arvizu and of course the flawless screams, growls and scats of frontman Jonathan Davis. A very notable part of their set was when Corey Taylor join Korn on stage for a stellar performance of “A Different World,” which is another track off their new latest album The Serenity of Suffering. This left the crowd craving more, and that is just what they got as Korn returned to the stage to perform some of fan favorites like “Freak On A Leash,” “4U,” “It’s On!,” and “Blind.” Having seen both Korn and Stone Sour previously, I have to say that this is the best I have ever seen both of the bands with flawless vocals, a commanding stage presence, and a pleasantly brutal in your face performance of their new and older music. Make sure you check out one of their upcoming tour dates if you have the chance to see the “Summer Of Serenity Tour” in your area.

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