“AHS: Cult” Reveals Trailer and Opening Title Sequence

(AOTN) As we rapidly approach the release of the upcoming season of American Horror Story, it’s once again fair to say we barely know any real details about the actual story “Cult” will focus on. However there is no denying we are more in the know this season than we were with last year’s “Roanoke“, which many fans will remember didn’t reveal anything prior to the premiere. This time around, with Cult, we have been provided a lot more than we have in the past. So far we have had a few creepy teasers, official character portraits, plus the occasional hint from Ryan Murphy, which isn’t really that uncommon ramping up to AHS but it still helps clue us in. Also for the uber fans out there, FX has designed a multi-platform marketing campaign over the course of the past 6 weeks, actually allowing fans to join the cult at ahscult.com and get their identification number and get clues as the weeks progressed.

Well we have finally hit a point where we actually got some substantial information, atleast by American Horror Story standards. We knew that AHS debuted the 7th season title sequence at SDCC this year, but has was holding out on public release. Well for all those who weren’t in attendance at San Diego this year, you can finally see the opening sequence for American Horror Story: Cult. Check it out right here.

For a long time fan of the series like myself, seeing the series return with an opening sequence with classic AHS music mixed with the national anthem (referencing the seasons theme) was a huge deal. Every year I look forward to seeing that cryptic title sequence and figuring out how it exactly ties into the season as everything slowly plays out. One of the many disappointments with last’s year Roanoke was the lack of this sequence, giving using a title card before each episode. It was just another element that made the season feel rushed. So suffice it to say I was very pleased to see Cult returning to the elements I love.

As if that wasn’t a big enough deal amongst the fan base, FX also released an official trailer for the upcoming season! Check out the trailer for American Horror Story Cult right here and make sure to tune in for the premiere on September 5th!

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