Jamie Lee Curtis Returns For 40th Anniversary ‘Halloween’ Movie. But Can The Series Stay Relevant?

It was strongly hinted on social media that True Lies star, Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her role as the virginal Laurie Strode in the upcoming Halloween sequel, scheduled to be released on October 19th, 2018.

A message on her official Facebook page read as follows:

Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween. Release date 10/19/18.

A picture of Jamie Lee Curtis wearing the same clothes that her 40 year younger self wore in the original Halloween back in 1978 with her knife wielding adversary, Michael Myers in the background accompanied the post. It has gotten fans wild over her return and there is already a lot of speculation on a lot of things about the new movie. Here it is below.

But the one thing that some are seemingly confused about is the fact that Laurie met her death at the hands of Myers in Halloween Resurrection, released back in 2002. However, with John Carpenter back as executive producer, the picture will most likely ignore any sequels that took place after the second movie, including Halloween: H20 which was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original’s release.

Carpenter will probably want to pick up from his own horror masterpiece rather than follow on from another installment since he has voiced his displeasure before at the amount of sequels that have been created, including the plot point of Laurie being Michael’s own sister! It is a real possibility that Curtis could play her as just some random babysitter that was originally intended.

That would be a fine thing, though. Even though Carpenter, himself, came up with the idea of Laurie being related to Michael ( he was asked to come up with a story for 1981’s Halloween II to lean on) it was the only thing he could think of while drinking a six pack of beer with a type-writer in front of him. He has rolled his eyes at that moment ever since, and may well discard it!

Even though Carpenter is only in the role of executive producer, it is hopeful that he is given considerable creative control. Recently, we have been given the typical jump scare template in horror movies, and that has outstayed it’s welcome at this point. Carpenter should have enough tricks up his sleeve to produce something fresh and give the Halloween franchise new life after the much slated reboots directed by Rob Zombie.

The industrial metal singer “humanized” Michael Myers to the point where many fans felt that he wasn’t scary anymore. Carpenter has always viewed Myers as evil incarnate, an inhuman force in the shape of an average sized guy wearing a pale white mask.

Some of the ingredients that worked so well for 1978’s Halloween may seem tame for today’s audiences, so everybody involved in the production of Halloween 2018 has their work cut out for them. Nevertheless, eerie atmosphere and smart creepy camera angles that contributed a lot toward the success of the nearly 40 year old film would still be embraced, as well as strong likeable characters that audiences can relate to.

Another major memorable element of Halloween was, of course, it’s soundtrack. The main theme, which plays out in a 5-4 rhythm, is simplistic yet chilling! There have been many variations of it in most previous sequels but none of them have really quite captured that Carpenter touch. One remembers the rather lousy soundtrack of Halloween: H20, a movie that took the lazy approach and consisted of mainly borrowing music from Scream, 1996. And then there was what was supposed to pass as the “Halloween theme” which played out as something more suitable for a soap opera!

But we must keep the faith!

We have still over a year until the movie’s release. And devotees will surely be lapping up all the various tidbits that will be put out in the coming months right up to October of next year. It has been 8 years since Michael Myers last came back to his hometown of Haddonfield and it will be almost a decade by the time 2018 rolls around.

His homecoming will be a spectacular one!

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