‘Impractical Jokers’ The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

Hidden camera prank shows may be something long dead but somehow the Impractical Jokers are keeping the art of the hidden camera show alive. Impractical Jokers is now onto their sixth season making it the longest running series for truTv. The show has been so successful that they have been releasing the seasons on DVD for sometime now. The complete fifth season has just hit dvd release and here’s the review…

I’ve been a fan of this show ever since I started reviewing the series beginning with season 3. When I watched season 3 it made me go back and watch the other two seasons. I’ve been keeping up with the show ever since. That’s how hilarious I thought it was. The good thing about this series is that it gets more and more ridiculous each season. It continues in season five.

For those of you that have not seen the show, here’s how the show works: there’s four jokers, all best friends. The jokers take turns going out in public while the other jokers are feeding them directions through an ear piece. The lone joker has to do whatever the other jokers say. If they fail it counts as a loss. At the end of the show the joker that has the most loses will be punished and must do whatever other jokers tell him.

With each season the challenges get more challenging and the punishments get more harsh. For instance in this fifth season one of the episodes is a live episode where they team up with the Nitro Circus team. The Jokers had to go through different obstacle courses on dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles with only one day of training. One of the jokers, Q (Brian Quinn), was actually hurt during the training for the live episode. They actually show the accident within the episode.

What puzzles me about the show is One: The jokers don’t get recognized as much as you would think even after this show has been airing for years. And two: How haven’t any of them been assaulted by now? I don’t want these guys to get assaulted because I find them pretty funny but after watching the kinds of things they do in public to other people I’m surprised that so many people have patience. Though the guys walk one thinner ice each season.

Impractical Jokers: The Complete Fifth Season includes all 26 episodes (each episode is a runtime of approx. 22 mins) on four discs, plus almost two hours of bonus content including the one hour British Invasion Special, deleted scenes, Inside Joke episodes and deleted scenes. This is a lot of content. The more content the better.

The quality of the DVD is fairly good for a DVD. It looks just about as good as it did when I watched the episodes as they first aired.

The DVD set comes with a cardboard slip cover which protects the plastic DVD case. When you open the DVD case, you have to remove the DVD menu paper to reveal the first disc. The other 3 discs are visible as you open the case. The set is at a retail price of $24.98.

Impractical Jokers still remains an easy show to binge watch. You can easily watch a disc in a couple of hours. One thing about the show is that it seems like it’s always on truTV 24 hours a day, so that factors into you purchasing the DVD.

I give Impractical Jokers: The Complete Fifth Season a 4.5/5.

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