Erikka Innes ‘Unicorn Dance Party 2’ – A Unique Comedy Special

I have loved standup comedy every since I was a child. Back then, you only got to see comedians you had some movie channel or heard it on a comedy album. These days it’s a lot different. Now you can hear and see comedians anywhere or anytime via internet, podcasts and streaming services. This gives comedians an all-new platform. Netflix has made a killing with their ability to give comedians a platform to express themselves. Now Amazon is trying to do the same. In comes Erikka Innes. To be honest, this was my first time hearing her name. But I don’t think it will be the last.

Upon doing some research on Innes, I found out that she has two comedy albums. Sex with Nerds and Smells Like Nerd Spirit. The debut album was released in 2011, so she has been in the standup circuit for a few years now. She prides herself at being a nerd and a feminist. Now I know that some people would get turned off by that because it’s very particular or let’s be honest, some people are just scared by feminist. Well let me tell you that you have nothing to fear when watching her special Unicorn Dance Party 2.

Unicorn Dance Party 2 (I didn’t even think there is a part 1) is a particular type of comedy special. Erikka Inness talks about everything from pop culture, science, feminism and penis jokes. There are not many comics that specialize in nerd-omedy (comedy and nerdism. If you have a better term, let me know). So that’s what sparked my interest about even wanting to watch the special.

Right off the bat Erikka Innes starts off with the nerd jokes. Turns out that I can relate to most of them. I mean go figure, I do write for a site called Age of the Nerd. One of the best things about comedy is how you can relate to a certain comedian. It makes the jokes that much more funny.

When it comes to her feminism, it’s not what you think it would be. She actually makes fun of different types of feminist and I found that to be entertaining. I find it a lot more enjoyable when comics make fun of all types of people rather than just a certain group of people. Why not let everyone be made fun of equally?

What I think was a bit confusing was the name of the special, Unicorn Dance Party 2. This is a reference to a joke she had in this special but to be honest, I don’t even remember what the joke was. There were quite a few other jokes that I found to be much more memorable. But hey, unicorns made a big comeback within the past couple of years so that could be a reason it was made as the title.

With it being a standup comedy, you want to laugh out loud and hopefully cry of laughter. Unfortunately, I didn’t have either of these moments. I mean there were some funny jokes but they just made me chuckle a bit and some of it was because of Innes’s contagious laugh. What I liked about Erikka Innes’s comedy is that some of it is relatable and it was smart. I feel like Innes is a really good writer. I would like to see her writing be used on television shows in the near future. In an industry that only a handful of woman have had success in (for different reasons), Erikka Innes definitely has a unique way of making a push for her way to the top.

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