A Dating and Matchmaking Expert Wants to Help You Fall in Love This Valentine’s Day

Find Your Perfect Match This Valentine’s Day With Tips From An Expert

With just days away from Valentine’s Day, the holiday of love, this is just the right time to take the plunge and fall in love.

As many of us single men and women know, especially those who are over age 40, the dating scene can be confusing or bleak.

But Jill Elliott’s more than 32 years of experience as a dating coach and matchmaker, can give everything a well-needed nudge.

Think of Elliot, of Sweet Beginnings Introduction Services in Bucks County, PA., as a modern-day Yenta the Matchmaker from Fiddler on the Roof.

Elliot loves what she does. She also has experience as a certified dating coach to further help her clients with their heart-felt endeavors.

She is proud that she has married off five to eight couples a year since she started her matchmaking service, and has made many other matches of couples who decided to stay together, but not to get married.

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“Now is the perfect time to think about meeting someone special,” says Elliot, “and next Valentine’s Day you have found the love of your life.”

The majority of her clients are over the age of 45, and have not given up on love and romance.

Elliot says some people are extremely lucky — all it takes is one introduction and they see there is an element of physical attraction and a spark. But she also advises that open mindedness, and patience, is extremely important when it comes to succeeding in the matters of the heart.

“I had a client who was a very conservative attorney who I was matching with business women and lawyers, and nothing clicked,” she said. “Then he told me he wanted someone edgy, so I matched him with a female body builder, and they are living happily ever after.”

Many doubters who have been searching for a true love may become discouraged that finding a special someone is merely a distant dream. They are starting to believe that fairy tales do not really come true. People come to me who are really serious about meeting someone,” said Elliot who has been happily married for 12 years. “They are not interested in online dating, and want the personal touch, which I provide since I interview all of my clients before finding them a match.”

Experts, like Elliot, say that the key to finding the right life partner often requires persistence, clarity, openness, knowing who you are, and knowing what you are seeking in a mate.

One of the modern problems with the dating, and mating journey is that it often takes time; something that people in a fast-paced, high-tech society find to be in short supply. There are many common mistakes that men and women make when they are re-entering the dating scene, that can lead to a series of unsuccessful dates.

Matchmakers and dating coaches are eager to tell the story of the woman who dated 60 men, and despite being discouraged, she decided not to give up. Her 61st date turned out to be her Mr. Right, and they have been married for many years.

Elliot has some important tips to finding your special someone, this Valentine’s Day, just in time to enjoy the romance of spring. So, what are you waiting for?Thirteen Dating Tips to Help You Find Love and Romance This Valentine’s Day and Beyond:

  1. Keep the past in the past. During the first phone call between you and a prospective date, do not give all of the details of your past problems with relationships, including bad dates, issues with your recent divorce, or other negative stories. Keep it light and positive.
  2. Keep the conversation cheerful, upbeat and short – just enough to talk causally about jobs, family, recent vacations and make a date to meet for coffee or lunch, soon after that first phone call.
  3. Pick a Calm Meeting Place. When meeting for the first time make sure it is a calm place; noisy venues are not conducive to getting to know someone. You want to find a place where you can talk and get to know one another.
  4. Have Phone Etiquette. Leave the cell phone out of sight! Unless it is a dire situation, cell phones should be turned off and put away! If the phone is on, don’t answer it and don’t talk; unless it is an emergency.
  5. Make sure you dress well. This does not have mean a suit and tie for the men or a dress for the women, so you can make it casual, but neat. Some light makeup for the women, and definitely no jeans with rips, nor dirty T-shirts. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
  6. Leave your problems at the door! If you had a bad day at work, keep it to yourself. Instead, concentrate on getting to know who you are with, continue to ask questions in a nice casual way. Again, no talking in too much detail about past relationships and tales of woe from the past.
  7. Be polite at all times. If there is no attraction to the other party, please still be polite and act in a decent manner to the person you are meeting with.
  8. Second dates. If you are interested in seeing the person again, send a quick text or call them to let the person know how much you enjoyed meeting them and that you hope to see them again.
  9. Don’t Wait for a phone call. For the man, you cannot depend on a woman to call you: you must take the lead and call her to set up another date/meeting. Try to contact the woman within three days.
  10. Stay Cool. Do not barrage a person with text messages, phone calls and assume you are already in a relationship, you are not at this early stage.
  11. Take Your Time. Relationships take time to build and grow. it is perfectly okay to keep dating until you are at the point with someone that you want to make it exclusive.
  12. Do Not Be Overly Demanding. Do not demand to know where the other person is going and who they are seeing. Do not keep calling until you get them on the phone, that will scare them off,
  13. Maintain Your Own Life. Remember a relationship is supposed to enhance your life, not be the only part of it, so maintain your own friends and activitiesFor further information, please go to: www.sweetbeginnings.info. Call: 215-949-0370, or e-mail Jill at: [email protected].






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