Entrepreneur Heathyr Frances Sets Bar for Supporting Women With New Company

Heathyr Frances may not be a household name just yet, but she is certainly on her way. The young bombshell is the inventor of the DAB Company, which helps women of all walks of life come together and support each other, no matter what is going on in their lives.

The blog focuses on several different topics important to women, such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty and budgeting. Heathyr offers advice, talks to other women and most of all, is the support system we all need during trying times…a best friend or big sister, if you will. Her goal with the blog is to make every woman feel empowered and beautiful, all while offering ways to make them feel their very best. She also has days of the week themes, such as Thoughtful Thursday and Workout Wednesday, which feature something different to make that day better than the last.

The blog also has a corresponding YouTube show that takes on similar topics.

I recently had the chance to talk to Heathyr in an exclusive interview. Below are some of the highlights from our chat.

1. Heathyr was born in New Hampshire, making her a New England girl at heart. However, she always knew that she wanted to go west, so once she turned eighteen, she move to LA, where she studied fashion design. She worked in that field for awhile, networking and meeting various people. She became inspired to create a place for ladies to come together, which led to the birth of DAB!

2. She thinks the most interesting thing about herself is that her mother went into labor with her while she was at the circus.

3. Heathyr comes from a family full of entertainers. In fact, she has a family member whose house was on The Partridge Family! Although nobody in her family was famous, it was in her blood to entertain, which led and shaped her into the person she is today. Since she grew up with entertainers, it was only natural that it would be in her blood and that she would go into a similar profession.

4. As for DAB, she wants to see it expand into something bigger. Her goal is to eventually add a fashion line, activewear and other out of the box clothing and accessories for women. She also wants to eventually open a store that will not only let people shop, but also have an area for people to talk and interact with one another about things going on in their lives. She also wants to continue to host events for women so they can continue to interact and support one another.

5. In addition to DAB, Heathyr is trying her hand at acting and hosting. She has done some short films , modeling and event hosting. It is something she hopes to continue and she is currently looking for an agent while she works on other projects with friends.

For more information on Heathyr and DAB, please visit www.lovedab.com.

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