Are You Prepped And Ready For ‘The Purge’?

Words and review by Stephen Nepa and Kristyn Clarke

“The Purge” is coming to takeover your TV screens, but first some the actors and producers of the series stopped by San Diego Comic Con to talk everything Purge and much more. The series will be premiering on the USA Network on September 4th for a ten-episode run.

This will be the first time that the franchise, made famous in the movie theaters, will be making its debut on network television which will give the viewers a chance to get into the depths of the characters and the story arc of and consequences of “The Purge”!

The premise of the series revolves around a 12-hour time period when all crime, including vandalism, murder, arson and theft, is legal. This is set in an altered United States ruled by a totalitarian political party. The series follows several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city. As the clock winds down, each character is forced to reckon with their past as they discover how far they will go to survive the night.

The series will star Lili Simmons, Fiona Dourif, Lee Tergesen, Gabriel Chavarria and wiwas written by series creator James DeMonaco. The Purge was produced by Jason Blum, Brad Fuller, and Michael Bay.

We had a chance to check out the first three episodes of the series and without a doubt if you are fan of the “The Purge” film franchise then you are going to absolutely adore this series. The directors perfectly captured the darkness the encompasses “The Purge” and brought it to the small screen leaving us on the edge of our seats and wanting more.

We can’t tell which is more scary about “The Purge”, the actual acts of brutality taking place on the screen or the fact that in real life we may not be far off from something this disturbing. The television series breaks down the events of “The Purge” night from the perspective of several key characters and at various points in the episodes the story is told through their point of view.

Featured are characters from both the upper and lower class and their overall differences when it comes to “The Purge” are uniquely different. We are also taken inside a cult, of sorts, whose main focus is to sacrifice themselves for the greater good on “Purge” night.

We are very curious to see how all of these storylines will eventually blend together, as within the first three episodes we feel we are only touching on the tip of the iceberg. USA Network will premiere “The Purge” tonight, Sept.4th at 10:00pm and it will also be broadcast simultaneously on USA’s sister network SYFY at the same time!

Happy “purging” everyone!


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