DC Comics Launches It’s First Streaming Service

DC Comics launches it’s first streaming service today.   Called The DC Universe this new streaming service and app has everything a DC fan could hope for and a little more.


The service which runs $7.99 a month or $74.99 for a year is full of great programing from the DC video vaults.  The original Superman Cartoon series by Max Fleisher is available followed by the Superman movie serial from the 1940s and then heading straight into the Superman TV series from the 1950s.  All of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies are available as well as Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman TV series form the 1990s.


Batman too has a place on this new service.  Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and Batman The Brave and The Bold are available to watch.  There also several of the Batman direct to video release movies such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Under The Red Hood.  The Batman movies form the 1980s are also available aond with the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy.  There is no indication The Batman TV series from the 1960s will stream here, but DC has promised more and more new content, so this is a wait and see situation.


Other notable TV series available to stream are Wonder Woman starring Linda Carter, Birds of Prey, Superboy and Constantine.


DC has also produced new programs for their service.  Titans is the first of the new programs DC Universe will launch.  The Doom Patrol will soon follow.


For those who enjoy documentary programming Dc has not left you out.  Batman Unmasked The Psychology of the Dark Knight and Secret Origin:  The story of DC Comics are samples of this type of programming.


If you don’t like to watch TV but love to read DC has plundered it’s library of comics and have literally given you thousands of stories to choose from.  You can read on your phone, on your tablet or on your TV screen.  This is the comic book deal of the century.


There are many streaming services and apps out there.  Some are completely free like The CW and give you great ways to keep up with your favorite shows.  Others like CBS All Access are paid for and don’t always give you as much as you think you should get, services like BroadwayHD are great to start with but the programming is limited and doesn’t change much.  DC has given us a new service at a reasonable price.  It is add free  (CBS makes you pay more to remove adds), the inventory of shows will take the casual viewer a very long time to get through and then there are the comics a library of which no one will ever get through.


If you are a DC fan this is the service for you.  If you are not a DC fan this service may turn you into one.



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