Henry Cavill Leaving The Superman Franchise?

Things are not looking positive for DC Comics right now, as they are hard at work on “The Batman” and trying to cast a leading man for that, but yet another problem has come up for them with “Superman”.

Actor Henry Cavill has recently revealed his decision to leave the film franchise and has resigned from his role in the film. Cavill has played Superman in several films now including “Man Of Steel”, “Batman v. Superman” and most recently “Justice League”.  He is not leaving behind easy shoes to fill.

It was initially revealed by the Hollywood Reporter that Cavill has made a clean split with DC and the film franchise, however Cavill’s camp has yet to comment on the news report. The only person to respond so far is Cavill’s agent Dany Garcia, who tweeted the following:

The news about Cavill’s departure comes just after the news was revealed that he will starring the upcoming Netflix series “The Witcher”  Cavill will play Geralt de Riv, the tough hero of the literary saga by Andrzej Sapkowski which inspired the video games. It’ll be difficult for Henry Cavill to meet his commitments and stick to his heroic schedule given that he’s also set to appear in Shazam!, scheduled for release in 2019.

It helps that DC does not have any plans to release any Superman films in the next few years, but it leads us to wonder if they will recast the franchise once again with a new Superman or just shift all of their focus on Supergirl instead. Only time will tell!

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