Peloton Indoor Bicycles Customer Reviews

Peloton spin bikes are the new popularity in the indoor biking world and a favorite of many. For people who don’t know much about this product, peloton bike is a Wi-Fi enabled indoor bike that has a tablet with a 22-inch touchscreen which lets the rider watch videos and tutorials related to their workout and keeps them updated with the other participants and lets them enjoy a strenuous workout in return at the same time. The bike has a large number of followers because of the appreciable amount of services the bike has to offer them. The brand had sold around 15,000 bikes in its initial stage and it also offers customers an indoor workout app which is also popularly used around.

The company has made the indoor bike a perfect solution for stay-at-home parents, business people running out of time, etc. to their daily workouts without making their life a fuss. The bike’s techy and trendy design lets you have the liberty of placing the bike wherever you want, such as the garage, the lobby, your room or even your living room. Wherever the bike is kept, it would make the room look even better. It has no characteristics of the traditional indoor bike that looked like a fat animal on which you had to ride. The designers have given the advanced spin bikes a smart and slick design that would match to your standard and give you the best biking experience. Not only this, the bike uses a belt as tread instead of a chain which makes the whole experience very silent.


As mentioned above, the design of the indoor bike is attractive, slick and the mechanism of the bike works perfectly fine. The size of the seat and height of the adjustable body parts make it very easy for any rider to fit in the bike. The parts are easily rotatable and are flexible to handle. Due to the electromagnetic resistance, the pedals move very smoothly and quietly rather. The use of the belt instead of the conventional chain makes the bike even quieter. The handles have been designed very grippy which means you won’t lose your grip even it gets very sweaty and the saddles are easily adjustable in terms of height and also depth. 

The best part of the bike, however, is the tablet with the touchscreen which makes the whole experience so interesting. The screen allows you to play as many songs as you like along with cardio and other workout videos. You can play videos that are specially made for the Peloton indoor bike that has an instructor making you work harder and making you reach your limit.


The bike though was a popular hit in the market when it was launched, it does have some drawbacks that should be presented out in the open. Although the design of the bike is slick and classy, space and volume it takes are not very less. Additionally, the cost of the product may go out of budget for some people and the warranty is provided for a limited period and t increase the warranty if you must, you will have to pay an additional amount.

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