First Trailer For ‘Escape Room’ Has Been Released

Escape rooms and various escape games are all the rage these days, however what would happen if something were to go terribly wrong when as you and your group of friends were trying to make your way out?  Such is the case with the upcoming film “Escape Room” from Columbia Pictures a Sony Company!

The story brings together six characters ,played by Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine and Nik Dodani, in a single room. Their goal? To succeed in escaping and winning a million dollars, or die. This is one escape room that will become a matter of life or death!

There are already some comparisons being made to the “Saw” film franchise, but we definitely feel that this story takes things in different direction. “Escape Room” will be directed by Adam Robitel and will hit theaters on January 4, 2019!

View the official trailer below:

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