Mark Hamill Says He ‘Would Love’ To Work With Jeff Bridges One Day!

I love the month of October!  Leaves are changing colors, the air outside is crisp and cool and of course,  horror movies fill television screens day and night at this time of year. The other reason I love October is because it’s my birthday month and this year I got two very special gifts. This October will stay in my heart for two reasons. Reason number one is that I asked my girlfriend for her hand in marriage and she said yes, and the second reason is that the man, the myth, and the legend, himself,  Mark Hamill replied to a tweet I tagged him in earlier this month.

A reply to a tweet might not sound that amazing, but I think it’s cool considering a legend like that would agree with something that I had to say on social media. What was said in the tweet was that I was really surprised that that Hollywood had not thought of an idea to put Jeff Bridges and Mark Hamill in a movie together, and Mark Hamill wrote back saying that he loved Jeff Bridges and would love to work with him, and that he’s one of his favorite actors.

Jeff Bridges and Mark Hammill are only a few years apart in age and both actors have done extensive work in Hollywood, pretty much bringing the sci-fi genre to the mainstream in the early 80’s. It just shocked me that some producer or director never looked at IMDB ,and their extensive body of work, and thought maybe we should put a story together and cast them as brothers. Just saying it would be super cool to see these two gentlemen in a story together working off one another and see the results play out on the big screen!

Thank You Mr. Hamill for responding to my tweet you made my birthday month extra special, and to those in Hollywood who make stories happen… get to writing, and if you need some inspiration just look to the stars. Who ever said there were no more original ideas? I certainly beg to differ!

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