‘The Best of The Three Stooges’ DVD Review

The Three Stooges have been making families laugh for decades. Larry, Moe, and Curly were the three kings of slapstick comedy and paved the way for many comedians for years to come. Time Life has honored the iconic trio by releasing an exclusive The Best of The Three Stooges set.

Time Life’s The Best of The Three Stooges set is a 13 disc set which includes the 87 Columbia Pictures shorts 1934-1945, 14 Shemp Howard shorts, 10 Joe Besser shorts and 4 Curly Joe DeRIta shorts, Feature Film (The 2000 biopic), three feature films, three Three Stooges cartoons, and a 9-part documentary series.

Thanks to my dad, I grew up watching reruns of The Three Stooges and to this day, I watch them whenever the shorts air on television. We love the trio so much that I bought my dad a Three Stooges collection for Christmas a few years ago, simply title “The Three Stooges Collection”. Although we enjoyed and loved every minute of it, this new Time Life best of collection blows it out of the water.

With all 13 discs, the runtime is over 46 hours long! Yes, you heard that right. 46 hours of content all from one set. That is just unheard of. All the episodes are the best looking I have seen with a ratio aspect of 1.33:1 and 1.78:1. The sound is stereo & Dolby Digital 5.1. – which is pretty standard.The volumes come in two 4 disc volumes and the third volume is a 5 disc.

Now, even though I am a huge Three Stooges fan, I have never seen the cartoons nor have I seen the 9-part documentary series. These were all quite enjoy able and the doc. series was very informative. I love that these specials were included because it just adds to the value and makes it a must have for any fan. You just can’t find all of these episodes and features all together in one set (until now).

As great as this set is, I did happen to run into one problem. Upon opening the first volume, there is a booklet which has the bio of each stooge from Moe all the way to Curly Joe – the booklet happened to be pretty damaged from just the way it is put into the 4 disc case. If you are an avid collector and like things to be mint or near mint condition, this may be an issue for you. Having said that, the booklet adds some great info about the group.

I can watch Three Stooges anytime of the day, any day and now quite literally, all thanks to this awesome DVD set. The DVD set is SRP $99.95, which can be understandably expensive for some but you get over 45 hours of great content and laughs, so it’s a reasonable price. I can’t mention enough that this is definitely a MUST HAVE for every fan.

This exclusive DVD set is available at timelife.com.


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