Monsieur Job Talks to TVGrapevine

Potential Grammy nominated Monsieur Job discusses their music with TVGrapevine.
-Tell me a bit abut how your career began. 
my career began in Cali, Colombia with a song called “Solo Soñaba”, produced by David Korkidi and Moises Abadi, played by popular radio host Tuto Castro for Radio Activa in the nineties. Morever, it also started with a national rock contest in Colombia where my band at that time ended up in the final round. It was my first time playing in front of a large audience, who majorily was a heavy metal audience while I was singing Pop ballads, which made it even more interesting and challenging. It was an experience that changed me forever, music made the calling.


-Who inspires you as an artist?
Rapper: Eminem, Graffiti Artist: Basquiat, Cinema Director: Ron Howard, Actor: Samuel Jackson, Band: Nirvana, but my deepest inspiration is Miles Davis.
-What went through your mind when you found out about your potential Grammy nomination to get on the ballot?
I was very excited giving thanks to GOD every moment. Work pays off.
-How does it feel to be a Top 100 Billboard artist?
It felt quite gratifying to be disputing the #1 spot with J Balvin for Latin Album Sales and to have come on strong on the Latin Rhythm and Heatseekers Chart.
-Tell me about working on this single and what inspired it.
“Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” was a single that we finished in Belgrade by combining an electronic influenced reggaeton beat with flamenco guitars, sexy dirty vocals, and a lyric based on an sexual experience I had with girlfriend in high school in her home while her parents were there. That inspired the song.
-Who are some people you want to collaborate with?
Iggy Azalea, Sia, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Bad Bunny, Farruko, Ariana Grande.
-What’s next for you?
Touring with the band and as Electronic Live Act, writing a musical theatre with dance and orchestrations from different regions of the world that I have carefully selected to pitch to Broadway, making a movie that will take me a year and a half.
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself.
I fly often, like every week. I am a tandem pilot paraglider
-What are you watching on TV these days?
Last documentary I watched was on Bob Marley and Aliens.
-Anything else you want  to tell America?
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