News Leaks, Including Premiere Information. For Game Of Thrones Season 8

Fans have been eagerly anticipating any type of news or information regarding HBO’s drama series “Game Of Thrones” and thus far, we have mostly been kept in the dark, as any details regarding filming, casting, etc has been shrouded in extreme secrecy.

Only now are bits and pieces of information starting to be revealed, as HBO released a teaser trailer which acted as an announcement for season 8’s premiere month which we have now learned will be April 2019! Other than that, the trailer shows us very little and contains no new footage from the upcoming season.

The teaser shows clips of various significant events that have taken place over the course of the series including the wildfire explosion, the Battle of the Bastards, the Purple Wedding and more and includes dialog from Cersei Lanaster and Jon Snow.

While the exact release date in April has not yet been confirmed, chances are we will see the premiere take place either the second or third week of the month. Recently, “Game Of Thrones” director David Nutter joined a Reddit AMA and revealed a few additional details saying that Season 8 “will have episodes that rival the Red Wedding. He should know, since he directed the Season 3 episode “The Rains of Castamere.”

Nutter also said that every episode in Season 8 will be longer than 60 minutes and will be “dancing around the bigger numbers.” He did not reveal the specific runtime of any episodes.

In the same AMA, Nutter mentioned that Tormund Giantsbane appears in the 8th season, meaning that everyone’s favorite ginger wildling survived the Night King’s assault on the wall.

When asked to describe Season 8 in three word, Nutter replied “Spectacular, Inspiring, Satisfying.”

Other miscellaneous details Nutter added were that a direwolf (he didn’t name which one) appears in Season 8 and that none of the episodes he personally directed involve time travel.

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