The Rumors Are True! Vince Gilligan Reveals Work On ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

It’s been five years since the hit AMC series “Breaking Bad” came to a fiery conclusion and since then fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if, as predicted there was more of the story to tell. There were plenty of rumors circulating that a film could be in the works, however it was now officially revealed by showrunner Vince Gilligan that a two hour film is in the works with the show’s original studio, Sony Pictures Television.

While there is still not a ton of information released, we do know that Gilligan will be at the helm of the project writing the script, producing and even possibly directing. Thus far, AMC Network is not yet linked to the project and it is not known whether the “Breaking Bad” film will be made for television or be hitting the big screens.

We also learned that the unofficial title for the project will be called “Greenbrier” and the plot follows a kidnapped man in search of his freedom .. most likely Jesse Pinkman … leading us to believe that the film will most likely be a sequel to the television series.

Production on the project is set to begin this month in New Mexico and it is not yet known how many original cast members will be making an appearance in the project, but we do know that Walter White, himself, actor Bryan Cranston says he is open to the idea. During a recent interview, Cranston said, “If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, sure, absolutely. He’s a genius. It’s a great story, and there’s a lot of people who felt that they wanted to see some sort of completion to some of these storylines that were left open. This idea, from what I was told, gets into at least a couple of the characters who were not completed as far as their journey.”

We can’t wait! What are your thoughts on a “Breaking Bad” movie? Do you feel there is still more story to tell?

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