The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 6 Review


If anyone tuned into last night’s episode last night of Walking Dead, there was defiantly some substantial changes made. Last night episode titled “Who Are You Now”, was the first episode without Rick Grimes, but his memory still haunt’s many of the characters and the way they handled situations.

Last night’s episode featured a six- year time jump. It is the longest time jump in the show’s history. Judith the begotten daughter of Rick Grimes is running around saving people and has a lot of say about running Alexandria. Cailey Fleming who portrays young Judith Grimes has some large boots to fill, but only time will tell if fans are willing to invest in the show.

Here are a few spoilers from last night’s episode. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop reading.

:Michonne (Danai Guriira) has given birth to what only the viewers can assume is Rick’s baby.

:Carol( Melissa McBride) is now the wife of King Ezekiel’s and they run the Kingdom. The Kingdom needs maintenance, but the King is reluctant to admit such things.

:It looks as if Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has manned up and not is only smart but is not afraid to take on a herd of the dead.

: It looks as if the dead are evolving in some way. Eugene and Rosita are hiding out from a passing herd and the herd are saying things like, “Where are they? And “They must be close. Don’t let them get away.”

: There is an awesome scene between Judith and Negan that is worth checking out. You can defiantly tell that there is a chemistry and a future story in both characters.

The episode last night was fun but a little hokey. I’m worried about the future of the show, because Daryl (Norman Reedus) will most likely be the new leader of the group. Andy Lincoln brought an element of story to the show through his dialogue, and I just don’t believe Daryl will be able to deliver such dialogue.

Norman Reedus is a great actor, but you can’t tell a deeply moving story with a bunch of grunts and nods. Daryl is usually hiding out in the woods and hunting things when he feels the world is closing in on him. How the writers of the show are going to handle this transition will be interesting to see.

I just have one question. Nobody in that large group heard that helicopter approaching during Rick’s last episode ?

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