How Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Could Sing Again

Bradley Coopers directorial debut of A Star I Born was a major hit with audiences. The movie has a juggernaut of stars to carry it including Cooper, Lady Gaga, Dave Chapelle, Andrew Dice Clay, and Sam Elliot. The soundtrack has also garnered critical acclaim debuting at No.1 on the Billboard 200 charts. Song’s like “ I’ll Never Love Again” and “Shallow” are sure to be a contender for Best Original Song Category for the Oscars.

Both Gaga and Cooper have stated in interviews that if a song from the movie is nominated that they would most definitely do a duet at the Oscars. I hope a song does get nominated, because that would be the only reason I would tune into watch. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had a strong chemistry on stage, and I’m interested to see their chemistry onstage in front of a live crowd and not on a movie set. One of the things that surprised me about the film was that Bradley Cooper can sing his tail off. I’m looking forward to seeing him sing live. Check out our review here.

If you haven’t seen A Star Is Born please stop reading spoilers ahead. In the movie an aging musician named Jackson Maine finds a young singer named Ally and helps her seek the fame she is eventually bound to achieve. Jackson who is in the middle of a downward spiral while Ally’s star is rising Jackson succumbs to his addictions of alcohol and pills and ends up taking his own life. Jackson has a talk with Ally’s manager named Rez (Rafi Gavron) before he takes his own life leading me to think that the talk did play apart in his suicide.

The movie did not end the way I was expecting. I thought Ally would leave the manager and Jackson and her would go and do their own thing, but it did give me an idea for a possible sequel idea. I’m not trying to pitch an idea to Hollywood, but hey it’s an idea. Even a Broadway play would suffice.

Bradley Cooper is no stranger to horror. He stared in one of my favorite Clive Barker stories, The Midnight Meat Train (2008) but has not returned to the genre in years. Well Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga and with albums like Born This Way and The Fame Monster, she is not afraid to dance on the dark side.

What if Ally finds out about the conversation that her husband and her manager had, and only hours later Jackson takes his own life. What if Ally makes a deal with the devil so she can sing one more song with her deceased lover. It’s a little far-fetched but Gaga and Cooper have amazing chemistry on screen and as fans we get one more duet.

I just hope we get another Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance soon.

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