DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Movie Review

DangerMan Movie Review of Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel Has No Spoilers

Spoiler Free Review(DM) — Do you like uncomplicated, spoiler free movie reviews? Good. This is where you will find your best review of the Female Powered Superhero Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel’s official movie release date is March 8, 2019. Captain Marvel’s superhero power is supported by a modest budget of 152 million. Need more female superhero power? It’s directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

It will be an origin story. It will predate all the MCU movies except Captain America The First Avenger. This should upset your MCU viewing order next time out! Set in the 1990’s, Carol is a US Air Force pilot who has a close work relationship with Nick Fury. Thankfully Carol retains a good bit of her character history from canon. Finally, the story heads into space.

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Brie Larson is Marvel's NEW Captain Marvel
Are you excited to see the New Marvel Captain Marvel Movie? So are we!

Get To Know Captain Marvel (Still No Movie Spoilers)

How well do you know Captain Marvel? What is the deep backstory of Carol Danvers? Do you know who Binary is? So many origins… Captain Marvel did start as a man, Mar-Vell. Many others followed in order: Monica Rambeau (Female) Genis-Vell (Male) Phyla-Vell (Female) Khn’nr (Male) Mahr Vehl (Male) Noh-Varr (Male) and Carol Danvers (Female).

Let’s follow her road to becoming Captain Marvel starting at Carol Danvers, through Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird and finally — Captain Marvel.

Ms. Marvel and those who have been Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers First Appearance
Carol Danvers First Appearance

Her inception was in the 1960’s. A creation of course by Stan Lee. For a time Carol Danvers was known as Ms. Marvel. She received her powers in Captain Marvel #18 (She becomes Ms. Marvel) when Mar-Vell attempted the shield Carol in a blast. If you like to pick up key comic book issues, #18 will cost you. Carol Danvers very first appearance is Super-Heroes issue #13.

There have been other Ms. Marvels. Sharon Ventura, Karla Sofen, and the latest Muslim superhero Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. There has yet to be a male Ms. Marvel.

Carol Danvers Binary & Warbird

Now we’ve gone down the rabbit hole. Her first appearance as Binary is The Uncanny X-Men issue #164 (December 1982). Carol Danvers has also been Warbird, appearing first in The Avengers #4 (May 1998).

Carol Danvers Becomes Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers finally appeared as Captain Marvel in Avenging Spider-Man Vol. 1 #9 (July 2012).  You can get lost in a lot of Captain Marvel lore, but canon is considered anything from Earth-616.

Lee Pace Fans Celebrate

Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser? He’s a long way from his incessant puppy dog eyes in Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace will be back again in the MCU. He is after all a Kree. This time stepping back in time to the 1990’s with Carol Danvers.

Official Captain Marvel Trailers

Get psyched for the new Captain Marvel movies, check out the trailers (again)!

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