Pop! Pop! Ep. 31 – Bird Box & Bad Times at the El Royale!

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It seems like the guys are back on a regular podcasting schedule, and you know what else comes in mid-January!? NFL playoffs! Despite being huge nerds, the football is highly regarded in the Pop! Pop! headquarters. So The LA Nerd and Taylor break down the playoff bracket and discuss which teams they think are going to make it to the big game!

As always, there’s nerd news aplenty! Real life Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen stars in Netflix’s Polar, another film about a hitman.. wooo… Another podcast, another Captain Marvel segment; there’s a new trailer, so there’s new opinions! The Venom sequel gets greenlit, and we’re stuck at a yellow light about it! All this news and more, hit the jump to hear it all!

The main course this time around revolves around two polar opposites – a Netflix pop culture phenomenon and a box office flop that was a cult success… Of course we’re talking about Bird Box & Bad Times at the El Royale! Unfortunately we saw Bird Box, but surprisingly we didn’t hate it as much as we thought we would! Sandra Bullock -1, Pop! Pop! – 0. On the flip side of this coin, Bad Times premiered in October of last year and we finally just saw it! We love writer/director Drew Goddard, and. We. Love. This. Movie. So. Damn. Much! Tune in to find out why!

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