Dear Jason Blum Please Make A Sequel To The People Under The Stairs

With the recent news that Blumhouse Productions is interested in bringing back the Hellraiser and Scream franchises it got me thinking about another forgotten gem, The People Under the Stairs. The movie is a favorite of mine, and I make sure I go back and watch it at least twice a year.

The People Under the Stairs was released in 1991 and was written and directed by horror legend Wes Craven. The story tells the story about two adults and a kid named Fool break into a creepy old house that is occupied by a crazy brother and sister, and their stolen children. Once in the house, the pair and Fool are in for the fight of their lives.

The People Under the Stairs covers a plethora of topics such as racism, social injustice, child abuse, and greed. The movie was made on a $6 million- dollar budget and grossed around $31 million worldwide. Not too shabby for a movie about some freaks locked up in a basement. There were rumblings a couple years back that the movie was going to be remade, but sadly we lost Craven a few years back. And with his death, the news of the movie fell to the weigh side.

I think fans of the movie would love to see where the characters ended up. Especially Fool played by Brandon Adams and Alice played by A.J. Langer. Are they still friends or even more? Maybe Fool became a social worker and takes care of the survivors of the people under the stairs. Maybe Alice married an abusive drunk who is somehow connected to the original creepy house from years back. Maybe Alice calls Fool once more for help, and they find themselves connected again to fight an even bigger evil.

One of the underlining brilliant things about the film is the outstanding performances by Everett McGill and Wendy Robie as they portray “daddy and “mommy”. You might also recognize them from the married couple from the hit show Twin Peaks. Although the pair was killed off in the movie it would be cool to maybe see them in a grown-up Alice’s nightmare.

Brandon Adams, A.J. Langer, Wendy Robie, and Everett McGill are all still active in the acting world. I have no idea if they would ever want to reprise the character’s they made famous, but here’s to wishful thinking.


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