Pop! Pop! Ep. 32 – Glass Review

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Pop! Pop! is back! We definitely didn’t miss two weeks! And even if we did, it wasn’t two months, so you’re welcome!

The guys catch up and talk about what they’re currently watching – Joel is hard for You’re the Worst and Taylor is catching up on DC television… though he also watched the Mads Mikkelson movie talked about last episode – Polar… So that happened. And of course, the Super Bowl is coming up, so the championship games are (probably overly) talked about. Rams vs. Saints… Patriots vs. Chiefs… and it all culminates in the motherfuckin’ Rams vs. the Patriots in the Super Bowl! Let’s go!

For some fucking reason, The Fast & the Furious franchise is making a spin-off movie and the guys break down the new Hobbs & Shaw trailer! The Rock… JASON STATHAM… Idris Elba? Alright, we’re probably in. For some other fucking reason James Gunn is joining the DC Universe.  Suicide Squad 2 either bribed or blackmailed Gunn into directing and boy oh boy do we have thoughts.  Now here’s where Joel enjoys eating his words, The Batman is coming out in 2021 (now confirmed) and everyone is stoked.  The script is supposedly currently 160 pages long, BatFleck is out, the film will feature a rogues gallery of villains, and it will be a neo-noir-centric detective movie… This all sounds like grade-A news to us!  Riddle-us-this: what’s better than Game of Thrones? Currently nothing, but imagine a Disney+ series, revolved around The X-Men… The argument is made that 12 hours of X-Men is better than a 2 hour movie… Prove us wrong.


The main course this time around is probably going to make M. Night Shyamalan’s ears ring, because we’re talking about Glass.  This dude has had the epitome of a roller coaster career; we’re never shy to roast his ass but also not ashamed to say we love some of his gems.  Glass is the culmination of is (supposed) superhero trilogy; after Unbreakable and Split comes the final installment which brings all of these characters together… and as the title might suggest, Sam Jackson’s titular character Mr. Glass is the mastermind behind it all.  The movie is exciting, and James McAvoy steals the fucking show… but is it all worth it in the end?  Tune in and find out!

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