Step Inside the Mind Of Ashley Ember

It is amazingly difficult to find the right words, to sum up, the music of genre-bending artist Ashley Ember, who is the vocalist and lead guitarist of The Psychedelics, but we kind of dig the description taken from her own lips which is “cyberdelic punk music”, however, she also manages to include just a tinge of a country vibe, given that her roots are from her background growing up in Brunswick, Georgia.

Ember’s first album is on the way and she describes it as sounding a bit like “an alien abduction in a trailer park” and we can only begin to imagine what that would truly sound like, but our curiosity is certainly peaked. If it is anything similar to what we have listened to via Ashley Ember’s YouTube channel, aptly titled “The Mind Of Ashley Ember”/The Psychedelics then we can expect a haunting and ethereal mix that sears with various elements of hope and sorrow, as well as, angst. It is seriously a trip into the inner workings of this artist’s mind!  So be sure to sit back and enjoy the journey!



We had a chance to catch up with Ashley Ember at home to discuss her background, her music and what we can be expecting in the future!  Check out our full interview below:

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