The Ego Of Sean Penn

I have always considered myself a big fan of Sean Penn’s. Just ask my fiancé, and she will tell you. Penn is a talented fella both on screen and behind the camera. I have always been intrigued at how he could be so good on film, but off-screen, he seems to be so mad at the world.  This was a guy that once married to both Madonna and Robin Wright Penn and still walked around like the world was on his shoulders. I just couldn’t understand how someone could be so mad at the world. But I guess that’s one of the things that fuels him and the characters he portrays on film.

I might be a fan, but Sean Penn lost all my respect a few years back after I watched the documentary, The Day I Met El Chapo. The doc tells the story of Kate Del Castillo a Mexican actress who traveled with Sean Penn to Mexico to meet the drug dealer El Chapo. The drug kingpin who was on the run from law enforcement officials had what can only be described as a crush on the beautiful Mexican actress. According to documents law enforcement officials knew about El Chapo’s whereabouts but did not move in and arrest El Chapo, because they did not want to endanger the actors in the crossfire.

To add fuel to the fire Sean Penn conducted an interview with El Chapo that would later be published in Rolling Stone Magazine.  Penn conducted the interview without giving Castillo the heads up prior. Penn used the title of “journalist” as hi get out of jail free card. Ever since the incident, Kate Del Castillo has faced much scrutiny. So, my respect was lost with this act, and I just sit back and watch this guy continue to make a fool of himself, instead of doing what he does with film.

Last year I went a state over the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia when I heard Penn was going to be at The Free Library of Philadelphia promoting his first book Bob Honey Who Just Do Suff. The big promotion around the book was that Penn was done with acting and was going to just sit around and write books. Penn has continued act since the publication of the book. I’m currently on page 131 of the 160 pages in what is called a novel but should really be called a novella at best.

Just a few days ago Sean Penn wrote an article for, where he basically told the academy awards that they really overlooked Bradley Cooper by not nominating him for best director for his debut as a director in the hugely successful film A Star is Born. I have written about the film many times and how amazing it is and how Cooper really is an amazing filmmaker. But come on Sean Penn, how many award shows are there? How many awards does a single film need? The film and soundtrack stand for themselves and no one really asked for your opinion about the matter. Are you still mad at the world sir?

I have written about this a few times now and I’ll write it down again. Bradley Cooper may not leave the Academy Awards with the best director statue, but he could leave the awards show by make a global statement with knuckle sandwiches and DDT’s. Cooper was tapped to portray Vince McMahon in the film “ Pandemonium” but it looks as if a greenlit script may never be written.

So, you move onto the next big thing AEW, which will make a statement in the world of professional wrestling. So why would such a fine actor like Bradley Cooper do such a thing at such a prestigious award show? Because it’s never been done before and the world would talk, and in the end isn’t that what any artist really wants? It’s better than any award at any award show, to be able to create something that has never been seen before.

So who would be the recipient of those knuckle sandwiches? Sean Penn of course. Both actors are good friends and they could travel down to Las Vegas together where AEW is based. They can get some sun and talk about movies and do some push up’s, and maybe Sean Penn can work out some of his anger issues and smile every once in a while.


(Photo was taken during 2016 Cannes Film Festival)

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