11 Reasons For Woman To Play Paintball

11 Reasons for Women To Play Paintball11 Reasons for Women To Play Paintball

11 Reasons For Woman To Play Paintball

(DL) — I know, I know as unconventional as it sounds, woman playing paintball is a BIGGER thing than you may think! For goodness sake there are even all female professional teams. That’s a great reason for women to play paintball! We have 11 more reasons you should play paintball. Let’s give you ladies 11 good reasons and see if we can’t grow the sport a bit more.

What are you afraid of? That it’ll hurt?

Why Should The Guys Get All The Fun?

Editor Mandi “Bubblegum”, Boyfriend/ Co-captain Bruce “Moose”, Teammates Ryan “Scorpion”, and Richard “Hollywood” all of Angelic Rage.

That’s right they shouldn’t! Regardless of your sex, paintball is fun!

We (ladies) have shown those guys time and time again we can do everything they can, most times even better (guys don’t lie you know it’s true). I could guarantee you it’s so fun you will be hooked on it. It’s the kind of fun you get like the  selfie camera quality on your new Iphone XS!

Trust me on this. You might be intimidated, goggles down and stepping on the field for the first time — once you can get shot or shoot someone else, your adrenaline is going to be pumping a mile a minute and you won’t be able to knock the smile off your face!

It’s So Easy To Pick Up On

Have you ever held a rifle, crossbow, or handgun? How about aim to throw a dart, play pool, softball, anything? Although, some of the technical terms can be a bit daunting; the idea of the game is stupid simple. There is no reason to be afraid you won’t do it right.

Safety precautions and all, (because who remembers everything someone is saying to them after hearing “DO NOT TAKE YOUR MASK OFF” followed by horror stories), the field you choose to go and play at will dumb it down to toddler level for you.

Not to mention if you’re considering going — which I assume since you’re still with me you are; the rental equipment these days is point and shoot!

Paintball parks literally do everything else for you. You’ll never have to worry about what we call going to chrono. You’ll never have to worry about your marker not firing (unless you’re out of air or paint but trust me you’d know and be taught how to fill up!) you’ll never have to worry about virtually anything else. You’ll be around expert guidance.

All you have to do is run around, stay behind those bunker things the ref’s  tell you about, look for opponents, point and shoot! That is it!

Oh, and please keep your goggles down as recommended!

There Are NO Strangers

A combination of teams coming together to victor Most Respected Opponent award at an OXCC scenario event.

When I say NO strangers, I mean it! Despite the fact the paintball community can look scary and hard-core, it is full of nothing but family and big ol’ teddy-bears! The connections you will make in this community are endless; Just as the memories you’ll share timeless!

I have met some of the funniest, friendliest, group of crazy individuals while on the field. It’s the type of relationship like when you make a friend and wonder where they have been your entire life?

That’s going to be the majority of the people you meet; and you are completely hilarious if you think that friendship you just developed isn’t gonna follow you off the field. Because I can’t get rid of these suckers! Some of them even just show up at my house, but that’s the point! This is that group of friends that have your back. They’ll be there for you for life if you let them!

Go to just ONE big event close to you and tell me you don’t see nothing but a huge family reunion. Show up and see if someone doesn’t take you right under their wing, I dare you (and I will laugh at you if it’s another female).

Let Out That Pent Up Aggression Girl!

Michelle “Trouble” McGonigle looking for her next victim.

If I could tell you it doesn’t feel good to see a ball break on someones body, OH or even better, their face! (by face I of course mean goggles) Well that’s my point, I totally not in ten-million years could say that!

It gets me amped up just thinking about it! I’m not even currently that stressed in life but I know the second it’s go time, negative juju from co-workers and patients’ is released, gratification from not beating my kids is exalted (apparently spankings are illegal now), I’m even throwing my best friend of 20+ years out to the wolves because she took my boyfriend in elementary school (haha).

In fact, I’m more than likely slinging paint at some random guy (I’ll pray it’s another girl).

When the encounter is over you two will fist bump and tell each other that was a good exchange. The instant gratification within that is better than chocolate when you’re, eh, moody!

Impress Your Man

Jimmy Grazulis proposing to long time girlfriend Brianna Pastuszek at an OXCC scenario event awards ceremony.

Time and time again we see and hear guys complain their ladies won’t come play with them. Don’t we as woman often complain about the same thing? We (most of us) want our guys attention on us.

Let’s face it, they aren’t always interested in wine festivals, paint nights, and shopping. So what better way to shoot his attention right on over to you? (did you catch my corny pun?) It not only would be a huge stress reliever but could you just imagine the look on his face watching YOU, his lady, his love, have fun doing something he is passionate about?

We share the love of this sport it is how we met and let me tell you the look he gives me coming off the field (ssshhheewww) N-E-V-E-R gets old!

Communication And Teamwork

Sadie (6) daughter of Mandi and Charles Eric “Big E” Holland going over missions, points, and using walkies at scenario game Axes Vs. Allies.

Do you know how many companies use paintball as a fun team building event? It’s a lot!

Between the verbal communication, explaining ques based off locations using nonverbal communication, signaling opponents positions and movements you can make.

Communication is essential in everyday life, and without your team members help unless you’re Rogue or Oprah (even they have teammates) you need to be able to communicate and be loud and sometimes aggressive in a way that isn’t acceptable in everyday life. Females know all about that! If you don’t it’d be a good place to learn how to use that side of yourself.


We all know as woman sometimes we look at ourselves and see something different then what everyone else sees, it’s inevitable! Humans in general do that almost on the daily. There is no shame in it.

This sport can make you feel like you are on the top of the world. You will gain respect from people who you didn’t even know mattered to you. You will be proud of yourself. It will boost your self-esteem and raise your self actualization (It’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). All the while you are getting your blood pumping, burning them calories, getting fresh air, and using your brain! How can you say NO to self-love?


Paintball Players come in all shapes and sizes. Although some may carry “snack pods” and play based on what they call the fat code, don’t underestimate these players. A lot of them can run, squat, jump, and haul ass like the rest of us smaller players!

Movements made in this game can really get your gains up, your waist slim and your abs rockin’! The repetitive diverse movements make you remember what it was like when you were young enough to do it all. It will make you strive for more! Not to mention, in scenario ball the terrain is always heterogeneous so you have plenty of up and down hills and trenches and props to climb to and from.

It’s a great consistent sport to play to give you that extra oomph you need to get back to when you thought your were fat.


SVGPAINTBALLSHOP Well known home-based custom paintball store owned by friend Charles “Chip” Mckinney and wife Gabrielle Mckinney.

Nowadays everyone has side gigs, multiple jobs, some of us are SAHM’s and need ways to make ends meet.

Every event attended you will see all kinds of vendors. Not to mention, just basic conversation with people from all over can lead to you boasting your own business or side-gig.

Cricut crafts and handmade items have a huge impact on the paintball community! Everyone wants personalized things for either them or their team and this is a huge market you could network all while having a good time and making lasting relationships. Can you think of any easier self promotion?

Kids Do It Too

Laney (7) daughter of Editor practicing Time Trials at OXCC.

Boys and Girls alike! Although different fields have different rules and all parents are different, my home field of OXCC in Chesapeake City, Maryland welcomes kids as young as 8 years old to come out and learn to love the sport. That’s what we call young guns.

You will find them everywhere from my own (currently 6 and 7-year-old) girls who have their own markers and play outlaw ball (back yard or not on an actual field) with us, to Angelic Rage’s youngest team player coming in at 11-year-old Dennis and one of our captains’ 15 year old niece, Abby.

I have never been to a field and not seen a variety of ages from the youngest allowed to play to people older than my own parents. All ages enjoy this sport and there is a reason for that! Come, find out for yourself.


AirUps Angels 2019 Team Photo

Remember those all girl professional teams i was telling you about? There are several!

Just to name a few, Destiny Paintball which our own Bea Youngs-Paxson is highly associated with, Airup Angels, Paintball Pin-ups who has fellow writer Brianne Remy as a member of their team. Most of these teams have multiple chapters throughout the country to accommodate the player clientele.

The ladies that make these teams are competitive and skilled enough to play and place at World Cup (that’s world series of the paintball world). These ladies go up against and beat some of the most bad-ass guy or co-ed professional teams. That is proof that practice makes perfect!


So let’s give it a try! Why don’t you talk to whoever it is you know that got the wheels turning enough to do some reading up on this glorious sport. Get some friends together. Go have a messy (it’s water based), colorful, fun adventure! You can make it a non-traditional girls day, with a little girls against guys match or even a fun date/double-date with a close couple!

Heck take your kids and have a family day or birthday party! Just be sure to check the rules at your local field for age restrictions and such. Most importantly HAVE FUN! That’s what paintball is all about to begin with! What’s the first field you played at or are going to play at? (drop a comment and let me know!) #growthesport


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