Disney Has Reinstated James Gunn Too Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

guardians of the galaxy 3

Super excited to report that Disney has just announced that they have reinstated director James Gunn to direct Guardians of The Galaxy 3. This news should excite fans worldwide as Gunn has pretty much been the visionary to bring the series to life.

Last year Disney announced that they were firing Gunn over indefensible tweets that the director had made years prior. The tweets were inexcusable, and the director did everything he could do to apologize for making those tweets. Fans and even the cast of Guardians hit social media to reinstate Gunn including myself. But Disney stood its ground and fired him, even though Gunn had written and completed the script for PT.3.

It was hard to see that tweets on social media could bring down a multi-million-dollar franchise.  I guess Disney didn’t do the proper research when first hiring Gunn and realize that he did work for Troma.  The smoke has cleared, and fans can now rest easy knowing that Gunn is behind the helm again, and he will probably deliver an amazing product once Pt.3 is in the can.

But before Gunn brings us another Guardian’s be sure to check out his next project.https://www.ageofthenerd.com/2019/01/james-gunn-will-burn-bright-in-2019-with-bright-burn/. Brightside looks good and gory and will be hitting theaters May 24th.

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