Queensrÿche at The Observatory North Park

Queensrÿche and Fates Warning put on an epic show at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, California on March 27, 2019. Both bands have been leading the charge for progressive metal for 4 decades. Fates Warning displayed their technical skill and songwriting talent throughout their hour long set. Vocalist Ray Alder, guitarists Jim Matheos and Michael Abdow, bassist Joey Vera and drummer Bobby Jarzombek are incredible musicians who must be experienced live.


Queensrÿche is touring behind their critically acclaimed new album “The Verdict”, which is the third release with the current lineup. Vocalist Todd La Torre is out of this world, hitting every note, high and low. He even adds percussion to the mix, spicing things up for touring drummer Casey Grillo, formerly of Kamelot. Guitarist Parker Lundgren has been with the band for a decade and he plays the older songs as well as he does the newer ones. The band played several songs off of the stellar new album, and could have played many more. They threw in one from each of the previous 2 releases, and plenty more from the EP and first 5 classic albums.

Founding guitarist Michael Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson are still 2 of the coolest dudes in metal, and can shred and sing with the best of them. 40 years into their career, they continue to sound and look amazing. The only complaint these days about a Queensrÿche show is that 90 minutes isn’t nearly long enough to play everything that the fans would want to hear. This tour is a resurgence for the band, and the energy on and off the stage is palpable. Queensrÿche continues to leave you breathless, and wanting more, the signs of true entertainers at the top of their game.

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