Showtime’s Funny Women of a Certain Age: Carole Montgomery

Carole Montgomery is one of the funniest women in show business today, as well as one of the kindest.  In fact, it was her huge heart that led to her special Showtime’s Funny Women of a Certain Age. The special, which will air tonight,  showcases some of the funniest women in Hollywood who are,  well, of a certain age.  The Nanny’s Fran Drescher hosts the special,  while comics such as Kerri Louise, Lunnell and Carole perform. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,  Carole talked about why this special is so near and dear to her heart. She realized that female comedians, particularly those who are  over the age of forty,  were. Not getting the recognition and attention that they deserved, nor were they  being treated fairly in the business. She decided to change this and thus, the special was born. 

She first made a list of all the comedians over the age of fifty and realized there were over a hundred.   She added those over the age of forty and realized there were even more names that deserved recognition for their talent. She ended up choosing only a few(the cream of the crop,  she says) but there are still more she wants to showcase in the future. She hopes that this becomes a series and that eventually everybody can be recognized. 

Carole says that in addition to  seeing the comedians perform,  we will also hear about things they experienced as women in the business.  This is a very empowering special and one she hopes shows how important women are in comedy.   She cannot wait to see the reaction when the special airs and is very proud of how the special turned out.

She added that every woman involved was wonderful and lifted each other up. Everyone helped and supported one another and she is proud to call them all her friends.  Between her talent and maternal, nurturing personality, she is sure to continue her success and help bring success to those around her.

Showtime’s Funny Women of  a Certain Age airs tonight. Check your local listings for airings.


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