Celebrity Spotlight: Marcus LaVoi

Marcus LaVoi is well on his way to being a household name. He’s got rugged good looks, a sweet engaging personality and talent that makes him an unforgettable part of all of his projects. In short, he is on his way to joining the ranks of George Clooney and Denzel Washington. 

Fans can currently see Marcus in the Netflix series Chambers. In the series, he plays the role of Big Frank,  who is a tough guy with a big heart. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the actor described the series as a horror series with a little bit of drama,  romance and humor mixed in. However, the most important part of the show is the family element. While he did not give too much away, he revealed that there is some interesting family bonding and it slowly but surely gets into the other elements. He looks forward to seeing the reaction of the audience and how each character grows as the show moves forward.  

He also gushed about being a part of the show, which also stars Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn. He said that in addition to the incredible talent on the show, there is a wonderful camaraderie on set. He loved going into work each day because everyone was so nice and kind to one another. There was a ‘oneness’ on set, which he said made the experience that much more special. 

As for what’s next, Marcus has a few ‘super secret projects’ in the works. While he could not say anything about any of them, he promises fans will enjoy them when they are released. He also has big dreams for the future, including hopefully having the chance to work with Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio. No matter what though, he will continue to succeed and prosper, thanks to his talent and huge heart. I went into this interview as a fan and left it with someone I’d love to have as a friend. 

Keep checking back for more news on Marcus. 

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