Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball GunDye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball Gun

Dye DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Marker & Woodsball Paintball Gun

(DL) — Dye’s DSR Is The Working Man’s Tournament Paintball Gun – Father Son Two Gun Review. Did you know that legendary L.A. Ironmen’s Billy Wing is the designer of the DSR?  We talked to him in depth about the DSR. The DSR is a dangerous gun. Why? Because it has the qualities of a DLX Luxe, a Bob Long Insight, a Dye M2, and others. That means you spend $500 to $600 less for a paintball gun and get a high-grade marker.

The DSR is the marker Dye has wanted on the market for years. It’s the Empire Axe on steroids. It’s the Luxe at less the price. But enough bravado, let’s get into the specifics.

What’s better than a one user perspective? You got it, two. Both DangerMan and son have been shooting the Dye DSR for over a year. Let’s break it down with the features that matter most to both speedball and woodsball paintball players. Did you catch that? Yes, this paintball marker is versatile.

Dye DSR in Case
Blue Dye DSR and Woodland Camo in Case

The DSR’s Number One Selling Point

It’s a great tournament marker and a fantastic woodsball gun. Many paintball players like to own a lot of guns. That’s good for them, but what about the rest of us that want to make one smart investment? That’s where the DSR hits the mark. It is a mid-grade paintball marker with a substantial mid-grade price.

Dye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball Gun Review by DangerMan
Dye DSR Tequila Sunrise Paintball Gun Review by DangerMan

The good news is that it really does shoot like the top level markers out there. From Luxe, Field One (Bob Long), to the top of the line Dye markers, the DSR is equally soft on paint with stunning efficiency. After a year of use, only light maintenance has kept it shooting tight within specs.

Brawl Like DangerMan with the Dye DSR in Tequila Sunrise from Amazon

It is common to have the marker sit in the gear bag for over two weeks, chrono and after one hot shot, the rest are within two FPS. That’s sick! And you know what that means. It means when you are in the game, your shots are all going to be on the mark due to that efficiency. That’s priceless.

In the mid-range the Dye stacks up great against the Planet Eclipse GTEK 160r, Shocker’s RSX and XLS, and the later model Empire Axe.

Here’s the DSR with exposed internal parts.

What’s Cool About the DSR?

It takes only two hex head wrenches to service the entire marker!

Tool-less Battery Replacement for the DSR
Got a quarter? The DSR Battery Compartment Opens Without A Tool. A Coin Is All You Will Need.

Tool-less Battery Replacement

Other unique features Dye offers with the DSR is the toolless battery replacement in the foregrip. Got a quarter? That’s all you need. It is worth noting the Dye DSR’s battery does attach to the traditional wired female connection top.

Dye Paintball's DSR in Blackout
Dye Paintball’s DSR in Blackout

One day our DSR did have an equipment failure in this area. One of the female connections stuck to the battery. Fortunately, this was fixable without need for outside repair.

The Dye Paintball Exclusive Eye Pipe

This is a tough call. Do we like it? Yes. Do we love it? No. But we far from hate it. One reason is we keep a spare in our DSR case because it can be a bit of work to clean if you are in a hurry. However, it does keep the internals clean!

Dye DSR Eye Pipe
Dye DSR Eye Pipe is a two part item. Users often fail to seat the o-ring detents.

The concern to most is carefully removing the detents for cleaning and then placing them precisely back in the right place. What’s remarkable about the Eye Pipe, despite having a ready spare, in almost two years the original part is showing no wear. For a piece of plastic, many critics thought would break over time, it’s held up without worry.

Arc Bolt with Color Coded O-Rings

The Arc Bolt is a long term success. Over one year this spool valve 115 psi operating pressure engine has not required any o-ring changes. It’s a full 25 psi lower than the higher end brother, the M2. Less pressure is another reason the efficiency is so damn good. Lubrication in a couple of spots is all that’s necessary.

Dye DSR Start up Guide and Color Coded O-Rings
Dye DSR Startup Guide and Color Coded O-Rings

What’s great about the Arc Bolt tech it has proven critics wrong over time. It’s frugal with lubrication. It’s almost unnecessary! After six months, then a year of use, the bolt looks great! No wear! Wow. Efficiency and consistency never once drifted. Now over a year to two years, the DSR is still humming with the same needs in maintenance — very little.

DYE’s ARC Bolt is a quiet shooter, high efficiency, and soft on paint
DYE’s ARC Bolt is a quiet shooter, high efficiency, and soft on paint. Optimized flow paths, dwell independent valve control, air supply cut off, and nearly zero shot chamber expansion.

The engine pops out the back of the main manifold with an easy one hand (knuckle actually) button press to remove the bolt.

Tool-less maintenance,. One button to release and re-install the bolt into a locked position.
Tool-less maintenance. One button to release and re-install the bolt into a locked position.

Oh, those o-rings are cool. Dye made it brain dead simple to change your o-rings. A slick hard plastic laminated one-page manual is in your DSR gun case at all times. Cross-reference the o-rings by color to change them out when required. Dye includes a sealed bag of o-rings with the purchase.

Brawl Like DangerMan with the Dye DSR in red from Amazon

Velocity Adjustment

It’s down at the ASA with the regulator now in the bottom of the gun grip. It has a few features including bleed off.

Hyper 6 Reg
The Hyper 6 Regulator is updated with a single coil spring and top load assembly that allows for exceptionally easy service

Some guns feel big. This fits the DangerMan style, super low-profile. Could it be more narrow? Sure, but it’s not fat or bulky. It’s also got a super sticky grip. It really grabs your palm and fingers! The DSR is a nimble gun despite not looking as tiny as Mini.

Does the DSR Hold Up Over Time?

Let’s repeat it. It is worth repeating. Efficiency. Almost two years into ownership by two members of the same home, each shooting the DSR — this marker is amazing with super consistent shot location due to the Arc Bolt system’s well-tuned efficiency.

DangerMan posting up in a scenario woodsball game at OTP in Pemberton New Jersey
DangerMan posting up in a scenario woodsball game at OTP in Pemberton New Jersey

Since it’s a tournament gun too, you can splurge at your next woodsball event and go for the good stuff (high-grade paint) knowing your paint won’t break in the chamber, hopefully, it doesn’t bounce by the time it reaches its target!

In Conclusion

The Dye DSR is the working man’s tournament gun great for woodsball. Pound for pound this is the one paintball gun you buy if you are only going to own one paintball gun.


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