Stephen King Will Be On Mick Garris Podcast Post Mortem On May 8th

Two of my favorite people will once again be teaming up, Stephen King will be making a rare appearance on writer/director Mick Garris’s podcast Post Mortem.  It seems like everybody has a podcast nowadays. Even I have a podcast called Coffee and Conspiracy. Podcasting can be a positive thing for many reasons. One of those reasons being that if you are a fan of something, you can get an insight into the creative mind of the creator.

I first saw the name Mick Garris in a book of short stories called Splatter Punks. Garris’s short story “ A Life in the Cinema”, was one of my favorites. Garris went onto creating, the Maters of Horror, an anthology series bringing all your favorite horror writers and directors together to deliver one- hour stories to terrify your soul. I wrote a story and a script for the show. Just because I wanted to learn how to do it.

Mick Garris and Stephen King have had a long fun history together. Garris has directed many of Kings works including Sleepwalkers, Riding the Bullet, Bag of Bones, and Desperation. King will be appearing on the podcast to talk about the 25th anniversary of his mega-hit and page turner The Stand.

The Stand was first published in 1978 and reads at an outstanding 1,152 pages. The story is the ultimate good vs evil showdown after an evil epidemic wipes out most of the world, and only leaves a few thousand people to wage on and pick sides as mankind itself is at stake.

Mick Garris directed the 1994 TV Mini-Series which starred a horde of people including Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Ossie Davis, Miguel Ferrer, Rob Lowe, and many more. The miniseries was a hit with fans and even as I write this I can still remember watching it all those years ago.

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