The Super Creepy Trailer For Upcoming Horror Flick ‘Midsommar’ Arrives

If you were creeped out and haunted by director Ari Aster’s last film “Hereditary” then you best buckle your seatbelts and get ready for his next offering “Midsommar”.

Aster is once again collaborating with A24, one of the most successful independent production and distribution companies for this next horror film. In the trailer, a couple crosses Sweden to visit a friend and attend a local festival. The reunion quickly takes a bizarre turn as the group of friends are transformed into members of a super crazy pagan cult.

The trailer starts off innocent enough, but then things take a turn as you can see by following the absolutely terrifying plotline. The cast features Will Poulter, the young hero of the interactive Netflix film Bandersnatch, as well as Florence Pugh – who’ll soon be appearing in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, and is definitely one to watch. William Jackson Harper, who plays the neurotic hero of The Good Place, is also participating in the film.

The movie will be released in the United States this summer and could premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

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