The Scenario Paintball Guide of 2019

(DL) — If you play any scenario game in 2019, you need our latest woodsball scenario guide. I am a Scenario Player. There. I said it. I have finally acknowledged my problem and I’m going to make sure that after reading this Scenario Paintball Guide, you’ll join in my struggle.

What’s going on here? See the woodline? Thousands of assigned “German” team players are defending it like the shores of Normandy. The players in this field are taking the beach and attempting to break the woodline. This is ION’s opening battle.

I’m going to assume from here out you know what scenario paintball is. If you don’t, fear not. We have a great introduction to scenario paintball event article you can read first.

This checklist is to give you a shortcut to the education I received from busting my ass trying to score some points. Sit back, grab a beverage. Let your imagination run wild with how YOU think I learned all of this. I give you, The Scenario Paintball Guide.

The Scenario Paintball Guide

Am I Ready For Such a Huge Scenario Paintball Battle?

If you’re this far, yes you are! Your teammates need you to be confident. We need you to go into that firefight and lay down some paint. We need you to make bodies walk off the field resulting in us getting that objective. Please, by all means, throw paint and the opposing team and turn that enemy into a walking box of nerds.

German line advances in the final battle of ION.
German line advances in the final battle of ION. A three day event in Jim Thorpe PA hosted by Skirmish.

In a scenario game, knowledge is power and knowing what to do is the key to success.  Check days and even weeks before a scenario game to know if there are any special missions. Don’t worry if you are “good enough” for the responsibility. I’ve failed more missions than I can count. You adapt, you overcome, you go find someone from the other team and go ruin their day.

Holy Crap There’s A Lot of Players on The Other Team

ION Skirmish draws 5000 players
Skirmish holds ION annually and draws 5000 players on a three-day weekend event

Well… Yea. Scenario games are a great melting pot of players of all skill levels.  There’s always someone who’s gun isn’t working. Someone didn’t roll out with enough paint.  Someone forgot to fill up their tank. Take advantage of these opportunities.

The Allies bunker down in the final battle during ION.
The Allies bunker down in the final battle during ION.

The reason I’m telling you all of this to learn from my mistakes. Always be prepared when you’re going back onto the field. Be ready for battles, spawn camping, idiots in the open, surprise tank attacks. ANYTHING can happen when you come back.

What Should I Bring To Be Prepared?

Skirmish ION big team battle
Skirmish ION big team battle draws thousands

That’s the best question you could be asking.  Between your gun/tank/hopper/softgoods, something will inevitably go wrong. From a dead battery to a bad seal, There are lots of silly things for your gear to fail you. It is always best to check the night before to make sure it all works.

Bringing Out the Big Guns at Skirmish's ION. Final Battle!
Bringing Out the Big Guns at Skirmish’s ION. Final Battle! Is that a Max Loader!?

Read your manual if you’re uncomfortable working on your gun. If you’re still uneasy, bring it to your local tech (hello) and we can get you squared away. Our job is to make sure you have a fun day of play. But remember something. Always assume its the battery. If your gun is properly maintained, you shouldn’t be having any issues with your engine.


Always bring water.  Gatorade. Fluids. I don’t care what you want to drink.  Unless it’s soda in which case, get more water. You will need it. “But I’m not thirsty, I feel fine” Great.  Drink anyway.  You’re running, which is resulting in you sweating. You need it.


Oh boy, people forget snacks. A granola bar at 10 am means the difference between the day sucking before lunch and potentially after lunch. Just bring something quick to give your stomach what it needs to hold itself over.


On top of what you carry, bring about 5 more.  Sometimes you’ll lend one to a buddy/teammate/player and you won’t see them again until later in the day.  Depending on how much you carry, you’re down 150 paintballs.  I carry 5 on my back and another 5 in the car.


Soapy water is good for those stubborn paint smears and covers most of your needs.  I’ve seen players carry everything from Magic Erasers to Dish Soap. One thing I HIGHLY recommend is Micro Fibers/ Paper towels and some sort of lens cleaner. Makes a world of difference. OH! Don’t forget Anti-Fog solution or wipes. Good for us Glasses wearing folk and on those rainy days.


You won’t really die. But bugs can be one huge day killer.

No one likes mosquitoes. Everyone hates ticks. It’s a staple in most gear bags for scenario games. Apply some twice a day and you’ll be much better off.


Because Welts on Sunburn SUCKS!  Seriously.


If you are lucky enough to be able to afford an extra set up or extra gear, it’s always worthwhile to bring it. If your gun goes down, or your tank has an issue, you’ll have that sense of security.

OK, I Think I’m Ready…

Good! You’ve read this guide but there’s always more to learn and know. You’ll see so much more on the field than I can explain here. This is a small guide to what I think will be the major issues you’ll face. It’ll save you time, agony, misery and struggle.  And, hopefully, keep you on the field longer.

I have faith that you’ll be out there and mowing faces alongside me.  Bring the Pain!

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