AMC Kicks Off The Walking Dead X Reveals And Just What We Learned From Chatting With The Cast At San Diego Comic-Con!

In the ten weeks leading up to the Season 10 premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday, October 6 at 9pm ET/8pm CT, AMC will be revealing information on the new season each week across TWD social platforms – photos, videos, and never before seen content- kicking off this past Thursday.

As announced on The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, July 19, Thora Birch (American Beauty, Clear and Present Danger, Ghost World, Hocus Pocus) will join the cast as Gamma in the upcoming 10th season. Gamma is a Whisperer sentry fiercely protective of Alpha. She is a believer and committed to the Whisperers’ way of life.

The biggest news from the panel came with the confirmed exit of yet another series lead as we will soon be saying a heartfelt good-bye to actress Danai Gurira who tearfully confirmed that Season 10 of The Walking Dead will be her last playing Michonne. We certainly shed some tears right alongside her and the rest of the fans that packed Hall H and she received a much-deserved standing ovation from the crowd.

During our interview time with the cast and crew after the panel executive producer Scott Gimple, however, gave us a small glimmer of hope revealing, “She has some amazing things ahead of her and you know, we’re not completely done with her, I’ll just say that …” when referring to Gurira’s exit. He also added, “I mean I would say we’re not completely done with like anyone who comes and goes on the show. You guys will see that.”

Norman Reedus also shared his thoughts on Gurira’s exit. He said, “It’s always a big deal when you lose a character … it’s a big deal when you are such a close-knit group. I’ve been begging her to stay. She’s such a strong character and Danai is such a sweet lady and a joy to work with.”

During the interview time, Norman Reedus also shared his thoughts with us about this being his first Comic-Con without Andrew Lincoln saying, “I spoke to Andrew Lincoln yesterday and said it’s weird you’re not here at Comic-Con because I don’t know where to send my room service charges.” Reedus claimed he would “put thousands of dollars” on Lincolns room service bill every year!

Reedus went on to say that Lincoln jokingly replied, “I want you to know that is the sole reason I left the show!”

Jeffery Dean Morgan then shared with us his own hilarious Andy Lincoln story commenting, “His face was literally all over our hotel rooms when they arrived at Comic-Con this year “You open up the toilet seat, there’s a picture of Andy. You pull down your bed covers to go to sleep, there’s a picture of Andy,” he said. “All over our room!”

“We both thought Andy had something to do with it. It was the hotel staff!” he explained. “The people who work at the hotel, we have a relationship with now, after a few years staying there.”

Both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus also spoke with us about the evolution of their characters as the seasons go on and what they find they are surprised to learn about themselves. Reedus joked, “I can take six Advil at once! “This show’s definitely beaten me up, for sure,” he said, before adding that he loves to see Daryl interact with new characters. “The people around you, as you grow as a character, they grow too.” We can expect some growing with Negan as well, who was seen getting out of his jail cell in the trailer for Season 10. Saying that Judith has helped bring out a different side of him, Morgan added that “Negan will always be Negan.” “He will always have a sharp tongue. He may not be bashing you in the head with Lucille,” but uses his words instead, he added. “I think Negan has changed a little bit. People want to see a redemption arc, I don’t think it’s a redemption arc. He’s always been who he is. We’ll see. I think he’s going to be battling a bunch of things within himself this season.”

It seems that both Darryl and Negan may end up needing each other a bit in the upcoming season, as Morgan says, “These men have a very parallel path. They are both kind of outsiders in this community”. Morgan added, “Negan will always be Negan. He’s sharp and witty with the words he has to say, and we will see what happens when he gets a weapon in his hands and what will go down. But, he’s not going to hurt Judith, I can tell you that right now.”

During Comic-Con we also got our first look at the highly anticipated return of Rick Grimes with the teaser trailer for the upcoming film trilogy which will actually be a theatrical release by Skybound, AMC and Universal Pictures. While the teaser doesn’t reveal too much information, we can certainly assume that the helicopter is the one the took off with our beloved Rick!

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