Five Things We Learned From ‘The Boys’ Interview At San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is always a flurry of activations, panels, press conferences and more from all the major networks promoting their upcoming film and television slates. One of the shows we are most excited about comes is an Amazon Prime Original Series, “The Boys” and we were lucky enough to have the chance to catch up with the cast including actor Karl Urban and executive producer Eric Kripke.

Here are the top five things we learned from our San Diego Comic-Con interview session:

  1. When talking to us about what attracted him to the project actor Karl Urban revealed, “The idea of ‘taking on the man,’ it channels current events and is quite timely.” In regards to his character, Urban commented, “Billy Butcher crosses a few moral lines pretty much every day which is a lot of fun to work with.”
  2. The Amazon series will play up to a more mature audience, as there is quite a bit of language and violence that takes place. Creator Eric Kripke told us that it is an important aspect to drive the story forward, but the violence is not completely necessary all the time. He comments, “It has to be important for the story and to advance the character or we can’t tell the story without it. If it’s there just to shock then we will kill the pitch.”
  3. Kripke also commented upon the type of humor set forth in the series, saying, “What we’re really trying to show is a brutally realistic version of superheroes that are as insecure, f**ked up, and self-serving as real humans would be if given superpowers. Like a bunch of super Bill Cosby’s. Is that too soon?” Kripke also joked that Amazon was the perfect choice for the series because “they bought the pitch!” He also added, “They have been amazing and allow a ton of creative freedom.”
  4. Actress Erin Moriarty described her character as being “inherently good, but some decisions led to moral ambiguity when she is smacked in the face with reality. Good people can make bad decisions. I’m glad we are exposing these stories and making them less taboo, as sunlight is a good disinfectant.”
  5. When speaking about the comic book source material Eric Kripke reveals that it is “incredibly shocking, super outrageous and we wanted to capture that spirit with the series. We didn’t want to be shocking for shocking sake. Overall what we are really doing is what is the most brutally realistic version of superheroes in the real world.”

“The Boys” season one has premiered on Amazon Prime!  Be sure to get your binge on and start streaming now … it doesn’t disappoint!

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