New Teaser Trailer And What We Took Away From The Carnival Row Press Conference At San Diego Comic-Con

Amazon Prime was definitely on top of their game during San Diego Comic-Con 2019, as they spotlight three of their most highly anticipated upcoming series with “The Boys”, “The Expanse” and the one we are most intrigued by “Carnival Row”.

Once again, Amazon Prime Video took over a huge spot in the park across the street from the San Diego Convention Center to provide Comic-Con attendees with spectacular activations showcasing all three series with an immersive maze for “The Expanse” and crime-scene reconstruction for “The Boys” and a stunning Victorian-era secret speakeasy of sorts for “Carnival Row”.

The “Carnival Row” activation immediately had us hooked, as it was incredibly well portrayed by several different characters who helped us along on a journey from a marketplace area to a hidden door that revealed a secret speakeasy/burlesque club where ethereal creatures could be seen erotically performing and promising our earthly desires to come true. Alas, it was eventually raided during the activation, but the bobby characters, but it was still a super cool experience and gave us our first taste of just what we are going to be in store for with this series.

The premise is that the “exotic homelands” of “mythological immigrant creatures” were “invaded by the empires of man” and in a way, the series will touch on many current topics going on in our world right now, just set in a mythological Victorian era.

During a press conference, at San Diego Comic-Con with series stars Orlando Bloom, Tamzin Merchant, David Gyasi, Travis Beacham and Marc Guggenheim we learned a bit more about the upcoming series. When speaking about his character and the timeliness of the topics presented in series, despite how fantastical, Orlando Bloom commented, “It was a great gift and opportunity stepping into this show because it was so timely and it spoke to a lot of the issues and relevance with what’s happening in the world today. With that, because we are in the fantastical world created by Travis Beacham, we are able to explore with humanity the really tragic and desperate situations that are happening in the world, but with an objective and empathic view. We are looking at the “fae folk”, as we call them, and it enables us to step outside of ourselves and look at this situation and step around it. It was so beautifully handled by both Travis and Marc in the writing that it was a gift for all of us.”

Bloom also commented on the highly detailed and formed set-pieces for the series saying, “It felt like a fully formed playground” and co-stars Tazmin Merchant and David Gyasi added that they “couldn’t agree more and it was incredibly special to explore the environment”.  Bloom also noted that the production was so “expansive and big that it felt like you were on a movie set. I was overjoyed to walk into the Carnival Row set. The detail, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before … I felt I hadn’t seen this world before, I’ve been amazed at the detail and the richness of the characters.”

Check out the new teaser trailer for “Carnival Row” below:

“Carnival Row”, an eight-episode Amazon Original, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on August 30, 2019.

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